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  1. At this moment in time only Alfredo Pedulla is reporting it, probably milking Chelsea fans for a few final clicks before the transfer window closes. He's reliable when it comes to Italian football but doubt he knows much about this deal.
  2. If he does well for us this season no way will Madrid sell now, the lack of a buy out clause is big indication that Perez wants him to stay. Reports in Spain have suggested that Madrid think he is the natural successor to Modric so basically its a win-win for them. Kovacic gets to play highly competitive football and by the time he returns next year Modric will be almost 34, perfect from a Madrid point of view. It's positive for Chelsea as well, we are getting a quality player that probably makes our midfield trio the best in the league alongside City's. Also if he is a success and retu
  3. Silly it its just a loan with no option to buy, very small time tbh...
  4. bababoom


    Look, obviously £60 million is big money for a largely inconsistent winger, but i'm not going to moan if we keep him. Sarri's a big fan and It'll be interesting to see how he fairs in an attacking team. I mean the large majority of his time playing for Chelsea and Brazil have been under pragmatic coaches, the likes of Scoalri, Dunga, Tite, Mourinho and Conte. Who would have Mertens and Insigne would be world beaters under Rafa? all i'm saying is i'm relaxed either way.
  5. It's not ideal but remember its a world cup year, players are coming into pre season late, add to the fact that Sarri has also just arrived himself, 4 weeks before first PL game and he still has to access the squad, it's going to take time. I think once the team are back from Perth things will start moving a bit more quickly, it'll have to.
  6. Di Marzio saying Real are offering 125 euros, no way Chelsea will accept that. The Italian media are truly unreliable when reporting on anything outside of Italy. We can slate Marina all we want, but she is a tough negotiator and with only three weeks left until the transfer window closes and Pl starts i have no doubts he'll be here this season.
  7. Im excited by Golovin, Yes he's a technically gifted player who can play in a few position, but for me it's rare to see such a talent work so hard off the ball and one that has amazing stamina. It sounds crazy but he reminds me of a young Modric. We all know Roman is a big fan but also Sarri is as well, he will slot in so well next to Kante and Jorginho.
  8. Personally would rather Jorginho but i wont complain about Seri, both extremely good at dictating the tempo of a game. My only worry is that both Kante and Seri are pretty diminutive in size, i can see certain managers trying to exploit that by playing longer balls. But tbf i'm just happy we're being linked with technical, quality players instead of workhorses.
  9. Loving the quick, one touch passing drills in that video, thats how you beat the high press. It shows me that the Everton game wasn't a one off, we're obviously training to play at a high tempo and Conte wants the lads to be composed and confident on the ball.
  10. I have to say Courtois has surprised me, big time. His passing out of the back has been sublime, i'm actually shocked how quickly he has adapted to this style of play. Under Mourinho he seemed to have a panic attack every time he was asked to touch the ball with his feet, but now he seems so much calmer and his passing has been on point.
  11. Sums it up. Three at the back with two holding players, come on...
  12. Great today, finally passing much faster and looks real comfortable on the ball again.
  13. Think certain Belgians should learn from batshuayi, he's only been here for two minutes and already is a fan favourite, mainly just from his shenanigans on Twitter.
  14. lol would Real actually want him though? he's a good keeper but IMO not out of this world. He's clumsy, slow, atrocious with the ball at his feet and hasnt got the ability to be able to play out from the back. He's the definitely the opposite of a modern day GK. Look at Atletico Madrid, they managed to replace him with a better keeper (Who's actually younger, may i add) in Oblak. Also he has to be one the most disliked Chelsea players ever, havent warmed to him at all.
  15. He's wasting his own prime years by being inconsistent as hell.
  16. Thought he was decent yesterday, not amazing as many other Chelsea fans are saying.
  17. Slow, lanky and awkward, three words that sums up Courtious.
  18. Always bottles one on ones, every time...
  19. Losing faith in the board day by day. All over twitter Chelsea fans have been rejoicing saying we need to bring him back, i cant get my head around it. Most only want him back because of his leadership/personality and "that performance in Munich" which lets not forget we had 11 players behind the ball protecting him. As a defender he's a walking disaster, mistake after mistake and i have to say he's easily one of the most overrated 'ball playing defender' on the planet, cant forget the amount of times he used to hoof to ball up to no one, time after time. PSG fans will agree, go on to their we
  20. "Chelsea should clinch the signing of full-back Marcos Alonso before the transfer deadline but may have to cope without midfielder Marcelo Brozovic. Antonio Conte has been keen to recruit Brozovic but it looks set to be a complicated process to get him out of Inter Milan before the market closes on Wednesday. Chelsea are also searching for a central defender and are prepared to take one on loan as cover after failing to land any of their top targets." http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3765143/Chelsea-confident-signing-Fiorentina-s-Marcos-Alonso-miss-Inter-Milan-s-Marcelo
  21. I have been reading what Inter fans/ Seire A experts think of him, the general consensus is that he's an incredible player on his day, just that he's also incredibly inconsistent. it kind of reminds me when Inter sold Countinho to Liverpool, majority of Seire A fans were laughing that L'pool spent £8.5 million on him.. look at how that turned out. Inter fans talk about his 'mentality', not about his technique or workrate, if Conte believes he can get the best out of him then i'm all for it. Also lets not forget Juventus wanted him this summer, the only reason he's not playing in the black
  22. Brilliant video, i admit before i saw him playing for Chelsea i thought he was just an engine, but his whole game is outstanding.
  23. Love the man, his weaknesses are well documented but he's definitely one of the best playmakers in world football, technically outstanding. Once Conte brings in some defenders and gets more acquainted with the squad i'll be shocked if Cesc is not in starting line up week in week out.
  24. Not worried, we'll definitely bring a CB in, most likely Maksimovic. According to many people who watch Serie A week in week out they say he's been great for a few years now and for this season will be the smarter buy, mainly because we need someone to come in straight away and dramatically improve our defence. Ramagnoli is a great prospect, he's been performing at a good level and for a 21 year old thats impressive but we'll mostly be buying him for his potential and in all honesty we have Zouma and Christensen for that, Marksimovic is still young (24) but is already playing at a much higher
  25. Seriously don't know why Mustafi is rated highly here, he's a decent player coming of a poor season with Valencia, don't get the fuss.
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