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  1. Thought about that, too. Would be the perfect man for the job once the now-still-playing legends are gone.
  2. Lookswise, yeah. But the old one carries some great memories Though the new one also does. But more like... exciting breathtaking Blues matches but not that many cups and leagues. As I think about it, we probably won more trophies with the new font than the old ironically. All these FA Cups in the last years...
  3. No, the letters from the old one (they used them until 2007 or something) were a bit longer than the current ones.
  4. Money can buy you players, and those players can bring you success, so... yeah actually money can buy success.
  5. It would only be for a match or two... despite that we have a very good midfield now with Ramires and Benayoun having been added. So why not.... I'd rather put Essien at right back than Bruma or Magnay or someone...
  6. That's both ridiculous. I mean Chelsea is at least a top team, Bremen's price is the same for every team. Same price for Inter and even Twente Enschede... lol
  7. lol... wtf, are they serious? Will anybody really buy these tickets?
  8. Haha I'm sorry, I wanted to put make a 4-2-2 at first then decided to make it a 4-3-3 and somehow messed it up So either this: Malouda Drogba Anelka Benayoun Mikel Ramires Cole Alex Ferreira Essien Cech Or this: Drogba Anelka Benayoun Zhirkov Mikel Ramires Cole Alex Ferreira Essien Cech
  9. Malouda Drogba Anelka Benayoun Zhirkov Mikel Ramires Cole Alex Ferreira Essien Cech Take out Zhirkov OR Malouda, as you wish. haha sorry that's one too much of course
  10. I'm not trying to be funny, ffs SO YOU KNOW KALOU WILL NOT GET BETTER? Wait and see, FOR NOW he's an excellent squad player so why are you all moaning?
  11. Bremen tickets for the home sector against Tottenham start from 116€ upwards...
  12. So Gerd Müller was a crap striker cause he had no technique? Or Miroslav Klose or Luca Toni or Filipo Inzaghi... I could go on like this forever. People expect Kalou to be a player like Drogba - but they have to accept he's the complete opposite. He's got no technique, twice the pace and probably same goal scoring abilites as a 25-year-old Drogba. Stop hatin' and stop comparing Kalou to other strikers that are the complete opposite of him. As I said, his job is not to dictate a game, to drop deep and collect balls, to create chances from the wing. But to get the ball, run at goal with his pace
  13. Kalou is scoring goals, what do you want more from a striker? Most of you are just looking for a player to criticize. And to that second thing... hm you're totally wrong. Remember Drogba's shitty goals against West Brom... everybody was masturbating at them. I was the only one saying, they were "lucky"... and look what came out: killamanjaro: "...he was at the good place at the good time, just like a great striker..." Corlett: "How were they lucky." BlueLion: "...you have to congratulate Didier for working himself into the positions to take the chances in the first place..." So Kalou is shit a
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