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  1. I don't want to see his crying pussy face anywhere near Chelsea.
  2. Please no we don't need more average players.
  3. Yh sure according to papers Abramovich is for weeks in Milan now.
  4. If we sell Willian and buy Zaha we are not moving forward at all. Just another player with no end product. And Zaha is not that young anymore.. Going to be 26 in November.
  5. I don't believe Real Madrid would pay anything close to 200M euros for a player who will be 28 in January. I believe they might wait for Mbappe next year which seems to be a smarter choice.
  6. I hope we remember that transfer window is closing August 9 this year...
  7. Tautvix


    I think the problem is who we actually can get as replacement. Martial is definitely not a possibility. Who else?
  8. Tautvix


    Sell him. You can love or hate Conte but what Willian has done after FA Cup final is embarrassing. Time to leave.
  9. It was a good start with Jorginho but we will probably start failing in transfer market once again. Just watch Sarri falling out with board before season even starts
  10. 160M euros for Eden and Courtois??? This would be scandalous...
  11. Well and that's Balague confirming we are selling Eden... (If you know what I mean)
  12. I don't think Hazard is going to fight to leave Chelsea.. Ask Madrid insane money.
  13. Don't think we care about Willian that much It's players like Hazard we have to keep
  14. Hazard is a top player but he definitely doesn't have good end product... It's clear. If he had it he would be CR7 and Messi level.
  15. Just fire Conte now then... Show him more respect, he won us EPL and FA Cup.
  16. Why would you fire Conte to appoint Blanc? You can risk with Sarri, maybe he would bring a new style of football to Chelsea but Blanc? We are just going backwards..
  17. Sarri has won nothing. Not sure why people are obsessed with him. Naples has played some nice football but it doesn't win you titles. Keeping Conte makes more sense (Ofc if he wants to stay).
  18. Tautvix


    Go for Martial..
  19. There's something else he has zero. And that is talent.
  20. I hope Madrid is not watching and they still want him...
  21. I can't believe he was waiting 78mins to get a striker in. Also, why it was Willian to be subbed first when Pedro can't make a fucking pass.
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