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  1. Where are these people who wanted Sarri because we will FINALLY play attacking football under him? Fuck all of you.
  2. Sarri is a fucking disgrace. Fire him today you fucking cunts.
  3. More embarrassment incoming. Absolutely clueless coach. Please help us Huddersfield. Embarrass Chelsea again so Sarri will be fired sooner.
  4. What is not working? We appointed a coach who has never won anything. What expectations did you have? Like seriously. We get what we deserve. We had Conte who was difficult at times but he is a top coach. And we fire him for this.
  5. No top 4 is not really going to be a disaster as long as this clueless old man is not here the next season. Absolutely not good enough. Pub team coach at best (And his history just proves that). Who's decision it was to appoint a 60 year old man who has never won a trophy? Also, he brought Jorginho here who is, again, far from Chelsea quality and requirements. Keeps playing Kante out of position, etc. Simply not good enough, get him out asap.
  6. Don't get overexcited folks. Alonso is just getting rest...
  7. Please someone make Jorginho's highlights vs Arsenal
  8. Most importantly clueless coach out.
  9. Don't get Sarri his players please. He is just shit. Give players to someone who understands his job, who is good at it. This smoker is a pub team manager at best, never won a title.
  10. Well we will get embarrassed again. Clueless coach, most overrated midfielders (Kovacic, Jorginho). Absolute shambless.
  11. Happy for that. Would just be another mediocre player from Serie A. Already have Zappacosta, Alonso and Jorginho. So no thanks.
  12. In other words - Madrid still doesn't want Hazard Good for us tho.
  13. You are so deluded that still manage to put Mourinho into this Sarri is our coach and you are the one who was excited with him and his attacking football!
  14. Sarri will get the best out of Hazard they said Where are you cunts?
  15. Such a nothing player he is. Mistake after mistake, slower than Alonso, zero creativity But of course, give a pass to a defender and Sarri and co go have a wank.
  16. Well deserved. We play antifootball and we concede. All deserved and thanks to Sarri.
  17. Sarri is just not a top coach. But we knew that before we appointed him so this is not surprising.
  18. Don't blame Alonso that he is getting selected every game! He will always get every game with this cunt antifootball coach..
  19. Controlling games? Without creating chances to score? That's not controlling games. Jorginho only passes back... Haven't seen a single good pass forward from him this season.
  20. https://twitter.com/ChelseaFC/status/1081550900857061379
  21. Because we have been absolute shit. It has nothing to do with Southampton.
  22. This is becoming boring. We can't create any chances for a while now. And bring in Cesc for Jorginho. The guy can only pass back...
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