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  1. Why? We're playing arguably the best team in Europe. If Kante / Chelsea as a whole perform badly what are you going to say? I told you so?
  2. Wait, what's the problem with Kante? He is finally healthy and is easily one of our best players. Let me get this right, you think he SHOULDN'T play?
  3. Mahrez vs Alonso is going to get very nasty. There should be an age limit to view the game, 18+ only.
  4. This is a must not lose game. Man Utd's remaining fixtures couldn't be easier.
  5. You can't measure faith. He is statistically the worst goalkeeper in the league. Numbers never lie.
  6. It is one of the worst transfers in the history of football. I can't think of many worse especially when you factor in fee, wages and length of contract.
  7. Please don't be a bust.
  8. We could genuinely have any average goalkeeper replace Kepa and it would be an upgrade. He's so bad his replacement doesn't even need to be world-class but rather just competent.
  9. 19 years old and already better than Jorginho.
  10. Pulisic is barely a starter now and we have (currently) one of the weakest attacks compared to the other top English / European teams. He has done nothing to lock down a place in this climate so how will he cope against these much better players if/when they are bought? This is so wrong lol. Pulisic had 3-4 decent games but has been largely ineffective and a complete waste of time otherwise. At least CHO is coming off one of the most serious injuries a player can suffer. Pulisic is older, cost nearly 60m and has been a total flop.
  11. Unless somebody is a pure goal machine I have always preferred the way somebody like Firminho plays the striker role. Intelligent, mobile and creative. There's no reason why Havertz can't fit that style if he played CF. People also don't realise how tall Havertz is. He is taller than Drogba! Once he puts on a little more weight and gains some strength he will be unstoppable.
  12. Young, left-footed, composed in the final third and most importantly...is productive. If the opportunity is there then you have to take it. I don't think of him as an attacking midfielder but more of a support striker / link player. Ziyech, Werner and Havertz would be a ridiculous combination of goals and assists.
  13. That is the most misleading stat bandied about. To add a little context, Jorginho intercepts the ball sometimes but in order to do this he runs around like a headless chicken and leaves acres of space in the midfield. He makes a few interceptions by doing this but when the opposition get by him easily (this happens far, far more often than a Jorginho interception) they have the entire midfield to run into. And of course Joringho has zero recovery pace so he leaves the team in a vulnerable position by gambling as often as he does. Jorginho has to try and win the ball early, well before the oppo
  14. Lampard (and his staff) clearly cannot coach the team to be organised and solid off the ball. Yes we have bad defenders etc but the lack of good coaching only compounds the problem. He chops and changes the defenders and formation because he is merely gambling and hoping something works. He sticks with something until it fails and then he's on to the next formation and CB pairing until that fails and so on. It is rubbish management and I have seen right through his actions.
  15. He won't face competition for #10 from anyone. Ziyech is a different league to anybody currently on our books. Mount is OK but please, there'll be no competition for Ziyech's place in the team.
  16. Very harsh on Tammy and Reece James. They are a different level to the likes of Mount and Odoi.
  17. The most overrated passer of this generation. The king of the lofted through ball that is under hit and easily cut out.
  18. You always have to be weary of an 'attacking player' who does his best work off the ball. Sure, he can press and be a good option for tactical reasons in certain games (Tottenham away for example). But there's hardly any quality or imagination from Mount in the final third. He rarely makes the the right pass; sometimes he doesn't even see the pass which is even worse. The problem now isn't that he's playing games - it's the untouchable status he has when, clearly, the quality to deserve such status isn't there.
  19. Why not keep him and get rid of Barkley.
  20. I'm watching Ake right now and he doesn't look like a 40m player.
  21. I like Christensen but he really does seem both mentally and physically weak. For the position he plays that's a killer combination. He should go back to Germany as that league really suited him.
  22. I mean, it's not like he was setting the league on fire.0 goal contributions for god knows how long.
  23. It has been a case of back to reality after a few good games for Pulisic. He loses possession far too much to ever be a top player in my honest opinion. He can and will look good in brief moments but he really should be a squad player at best.
  24. SUNZ


    A truly average player as we all know but Lampard loves him and will ensure he gets a minimum of 2 years on his new deal. The nightmare isn't going to end any time soon.
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