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  1. Not long term, he'll be back after international break.
  2. When and where would he even play for Bayern? They have a healthy Sane now and Gnabry just had an amazing season.
  3. Did he? Looked like Mount was playing LW against Brighton from what I remember. By the way, we've won 6-1 in the minutes played without Kovacic this season in the league and have lost 5-0 in the minutes he has.
  4. Yeah looked like LCM. He needs to start playing there because that should be his long term position.
  5. Mount moved back into midfield and scored a goal. Mount in CM allowed us to get another winger on the pitch who also scored a goal and helped us salvage a point. 'Ease the transition'...lol, whatever the hell that means is absolutely worthless. Dribble, dribble, dribble...yawn. I'd sell him to a rival so he help ease their transitions.
  6. Dribble, dribble, dribble....pass backwards. Dribble, dribble, dribble...pass to the other team. He also set Thiago Silva up for failure by making a rubbish, bubbling pass to him when he's about to pressed. Can't score, can't create and certainly can't defend. Not really sure wtf this guy is meant to be doing. Kovacic and Jorginho cost us 100m+ and they have taken us backwards.
  7. What more needs to be said about this fraud now that hasn't been said already?
  8. Ahh right, the City game which we won and Kante played well in. He didn't play well against Bayern when really he shouldn't have been playing at all. He wasn't fit enough for the final the week before and only played because of a lack of options due to injury and suspensions.
  9. Brilliant. Well done on arguing against a point I didn't make in that post. I get that Kante is the whipping boy now that his body is starting to break down (in large part due to awful management) but at least wait for a post praising his performance against Bayern before making this post.
  10. Anybody who watched the 8-2 game last night and still believes a player like Jorginho should have a future here is nothing more than a trolll. He has zero athleticism, snail pace and can't play through a press. He is a complete charlatan who belongs in the backwards Serie A.
  11. He should have scored towards the end of the game but went with his left foot when he really should have gone right.
  12. One of the worst managers we have ever had.
  13. This is the stuff I just find so frustrating about Mount. Giroud has made the perfect run, play him in. Attempting a weak shot that was never going to beat the goalkeeper stinks of selfishness and stupidity.
  14. Lazy is definitely the wrong way to put it, I doubt any player at the top level is lazy. The truth about James is that he has below average pace and lacks intensity in his game. Can he be a useful player? Of course, particularly against teams that sit back and ask us to break them down. But it's going to be tough watching him defend against quick players and/or expect him to excel defensively against top attacking players. So, is he lazy? Certainly not. He just can't run or turn quickly enough which is a real shame.
  15. Truly awful. An embarrassing player.
  16. He is beyond brain dead. For somebody people like to gas up as an intelligent playmaker etc he is one of the dumbest players we have.
  17. How can anyone defend him after that 5th goal?
  18. Plays much better in a back 5.
  19. SUNZ


    He'll be 32 in less than a month. He isn't getting a 3 year contract lol.
  20. For Jorginho to make up for his physical limitations (he doesn't have a single redeemable physical quality, he is by far the weakest & slowest player I have ever seen) he would need to be a Xavi / Fabregas level passer. And the reality is he isn't anywhere close to that. He is a bad passer of the ball because he is so weak he can barely generate any power; his most adventurous pass is the first time, hit and hope over the top that is intercepted 99% of the time. Whether Pep wanted him or not means nothing. Pep has signed more than his fair share of duds and Jorginho simply would have
  21. Really good article here - https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/features/2020/7/17/21328060/jorginho
  22. Extremely slow, can't defend and has the turning circle of an airplane. He can cross but if he can't do much else what is the point of him?
  23. There are women players that have more strength and character than this wet wipe.
  24. One of the worst midfielders we have ever had. A complete and utter joke of a player.
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