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  1. I hate when this happens. A player who we know is not good enough has a run of OK form towards the end of a season and all of a sudden he's worth keeping, possibly even as a starter etc etc etc. Both Alonso and Emerson aren't good enough and that position needs to be improved massively.
  2. Should start tomorrow against Leicester.
  3. Please lord make this happen
  4. With clubs already suffering massive losses in revenue, getting a CL place is far more important than the FA Cup this season. Maybe in a normal season I would agree however this is certainly not a normal season.
  5. Rotate the whole team if necessary and make sure the best players are ready and fit for West Ham. I couldn't care less about winning an FA Cup in an empty Wembley.
  6. A very disciplined performance from Kante. He wasn't baited out of his position nor did he expose the players behind him. The guy is simply a world class player. We are better with him than without him which is is the exact opposite of Jorginho.
  7. It's not even the fact they hate our best midfielder that irks me, it's that they abuse him to prop up a rubbish one who is literally useless.
  8. Crazy to think Lampard has won more league titles for Liverpool than Gerrard has. (not my joke but enjoy haha)
  9. Jorginho couldn't have played the inch perfect pass Gilmour did for Pedro at the end of the game. He couldn't generate that speed of pass with his chicken legs. He would have tried a floated ball that would have been cut out by Otamendi.
  10. Kante haters HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Your boy Jorginho in the stands watching a world cup winner do what it do.
  11. Mount and Barkley in this game are covering lots of ground and pressing so fair play to them. Zero quality on the ball though.
  12. If we had better players and played like this you'd have a point. We play like this against Man City because they're better than us and we cannot compete trying to play the way they do. Even Liverpool don't try to keep the ball against them, they press the shit out of them and counter like mad. We don't have the players to do that either. Hopefully we will. Until then, win by any means necessary.
  13. Jorginwho? Further proof of how irrelevant he is.
  14. Our team is so unathletic, it's why we can't compete toe to toe.
  15. Thank god for the water break, the passing drills started and we looked hopeless for 10 mins.
  16. I really hope Mount understands he is needed in midfield today and doesn't go goal chasing from minute 1.
  17. I don't know, maybe Lampard doesn't think Gilmour is fit yet or perhaps he hasn't trained well leading up to the game? Gilmour was rolling before the lockdown and looks like a great prospect. I like him a lot and hope he learns how to play midfield from anybody not named Jorginho.
  18. Jorginho who caves when pressured, can't run and is weaker than a child. This is who they;re crying for?
  19. Yep, let's revisit the post if/when we lose to the favourites for the Champions League. Amazing insight.
  20. He also played RCM in a game we lost 6-0. Man City are better than us and will beat us 9/10.
  21. I think Frank has rightly realised Jorginho is a nothing player who is completely and utterly pointless in any meaningful game.
  22. We have been outclassed by Man City in midfield virtually every time we play them. What else is new?
  23. This is literally what Jorginho does EVERY SINGLE GAME and leaves the defence exposed multiple times a game. Seriously, I cannot believe what I'm reading. Man City do this to him every game. Unlike Kante, he has zero recovery speed. I really can't believe what I'm reading. Did you guys watch the Bayern? It was a masterclass from Jorginho in leaving your space and leaving gaps behind. It's the only thing he is actually world class at.
  24. When did Kante become unpopular? This is fascinating to me.
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