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  1. 7 wins for them on the bounce, Emery has righted their ship fairly well
  2. Shocked Naby Keita is benched for the thug Henderson, that's the only player missing, otherwise their strongest lineup
  3. Isaac Success bollocksed up 2 clear chances, grrrr
  4. Fuck, Goonas 2 Watford nil (OG in the 81st minute, Ozil in the 84th)
  5. Scary how good Shitty look even with no De Bruyne.
  6. I would love a top 2, top 3 in EPL consistent finish,with a title every couple years AND an RM/Barca level of CL titles. Example I would take a 7 year run of 2 or 3 EPL titles combined with 3 CL titles (with 3 EPL) or 4 CL (with 2 EPL) titles over a 7 year run of 5 or 6 EPL titles but only 1 CL
  7. Yes, the only truly world class, top two or 3 in their position in world Serie A players they dont have are Icardi and Kouilbaly. Maybe soon you could possible add Chiesa at LW (certainly top 10 in world already).
  8. Their new yank hedge fund owners apparently will open the pocket books like a motherfucker, I would be torn between Milan and Manure if I was ZZ. I do know he is a Juve ex player, so maybe that weighs against AC Milan, but history is filled players switching to enemy teams (Figo from Barca to RM in 2000 was the first huge one in my footie-following life,and I was only eight then, lol) and also managing enemy clubs. AC Milan is NOT Ajax, a truly great club for decades that now is (apparently) off the worldstage (other than developing insanely great young talent) for good due to finan
  9. Majority of their rep is based off one person,the best manager in footie history, Ferguson. They are NOT, IMHO, an inter-generational, decade after decade, after decade MONSTER club only clubs who qualify for that are Real Madrid AC Milan Barcelona Bayern Munich Juventus that's it
  10. AC Milan not a good enough job? They are a HUGE team, all time they have 70 major trophies, 2nd most international titles ever (after RM) 2nd most EC/CL titles, have won every single international title at least once, 30 domestic titles, most all time UEFA Super Cups and most all time Intercontinental Cups, their late 1980's,early 1990's teams were arguably the greatest side era (IMHO) ever Juve has dominated the last 10 years, but take that away, Milan is by far the biggest team in Italy on an overall historical basis Plus Milano is just a whip of a city to live in (not that th
  11. They don't like the style of football he plays. I would ask them 'what style don't you like, 3 straight Champions Leagues?' LOLOL
  12. Red Cafe want Rafa or Eddie Howe or (bizarre) Gerrard or LAMPS. Lots of no's about ZZ!
  13. LOL, Mo in post game interviews said 1 He said Issa Diop is a young monster (my thought, he has been amazing last 2 games, after HORRID start, so goes to show that you need to be patient with young CB's), and congratulated West Ham scouting (total dig at his own CB's) 2 Took another shot at his regular CB's by saying Scott McTominay was by far his best player, played CB great 3 Said Robert Snodgrass had a far better mentality than his players. 4 Said all the fans for months said Martial needs to play, Sanchez is not good enough, he agreed and said today he decided to do thi
  14. AC Milan I would lay wager. Gattuso just doesn't look a top class manager.
  15. Don't wear white clothes, Mo blood will be the order of the day.
  16. Never thought I would see the day where MARK NOBLE is the MOTM and bossed Pogba, etc in MF in a West Ham crushing of Manure! Joint worst start EVER in the EPL for Manure.
  17. Juventus Reportedly Ask Genoa for Krzysztof Piatek Amid Inter Milan, EPL Rumours https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2798058-juventus-reportedly-ask-genoa-for-krzysztof-piatek-amid-inter-milan-epl-rumours FUCK JUVENTUS! Fucking game playing cunts
  18. Weeeeeeee 3 1 Btw Declan Rice, more I see, the better he looks. Superb young player.
  19. I really think he wants to go to RM more than play for ZZ
  20. ZZ inbound, there goes all chance at Martial, and Pogba may stay
  21. http://streamspn.com/tv/nbcsn https://soccer-live.stream/west-ham-united-fc-vs-manchester-united-live/stream-1 https://www.easysport.tv/games/west-ham-vs-man-utd/
  22. 1 nil West Ham Felipe Anderson, great team goal http://streamspn.com/tv/nbcsn https://www.easysport.tv/games/west-ham-vs-man-utd/
  23. Lol, I just goat mouthed Costa, mentioned him in another thread and here he pops up. Goat mouth is an old Bajan (Barbados, of which I am half) expression meaning a person mentions another or mentions a possible upcoming action and they appear out of nowhere or it (the action) happens. I am notorious in my family for thus, lolol
  24. LOLO Simply because of the owner's nationality?? Purest logical fallacy (uses both Petitio principii and post hoc ergo propter in this case) I have seen in ages
  25. Firmino is essentially a box to box striker. He's a false 9 with the defensive instincts and workrate of a defensive forward. he is like the the defensive-oriented version of the Raumdeuter role with the funneling reversed, he goes TOWARD players Tactical Analysis https://anfieldindex.com/25487/tactical-analysis-roberto-firmino-liverpools-master-space.html
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