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  1. I was referring to what I was about to ask. Anyway, a bold opinion is still an opinion. You won't be able to strengthen your point or convince people you're telling the truth by claiming that your opinions are facts. To be honest, I think it makes you look stupid more than anything because you should have figured out how to distinguish a fact from an opinion when you were five. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets annoyed when he reads a YouTube comment that goes like "[insert opinion]. FACT." I don't actually think that you don't know the difference between a fact and an opinion. I just wan
  2. This has little to do with Mikel, but do you even know what a fact is?
  3. Yesterday, I helped my friend rediscover his love for the game by helping his Reading team stay in the Premiership. He only had 4 wins out of 30 before I stepped in and won 5 out of the last 8 including one against Chelsea. To be honest, he had a decent team (mid-table quality), but that was probably my greatest achievement in FM. God, I miss FM, even though it's completely broke.
  4. You must have been observing really closely to read what he was typing...
  5. The worst building at my uni is primarily for arts as well. It's by far the filthiest-looking building I've seen, and it's also one of the most conspicuous buildings on the campus. We also have a general-purpose building where people hang out and stuff, and that thing looks ok on the outside, but the interior design is just horrible. It's so poorly designed that I think it has some hazards near entrance and should be shut down. They're building a new one, but buildings take forever to build in Canada, so I'm not going to be able to use the water slide they're building on its side.
  6. Those are some nice buildings. The ones at mine are eyesores, bar a few new buildings.
  7. AP's overrated. I took Calc AB exam last year and got a 5, but I retook Differential Calculus at UBC anyway like most other people who'd done AP, which I think was a good decision. It doesn't really make sense to not do any math at all for an entire term, and AP's really a dumbed-down version of university first year stuff, so you actually miss out on a few things. I don't know what your plans are, but try not to stress yourself over that stuff because you'll probably have to redo it in the future anyways. By the way, if you're entering high school next year, that means you're in grade 9 or 10
  8. Seoul? I guess authenticity wasn't one of the criteria.
  9. I love you, too. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Touch me.
  10. There's nothing masculine about writing novels. Please don't use that word. It's one of the most unfortunate words in English. It makes me cringe whenever I see or hear the word.
  11. Piles upon piles of shit. South Korea pumps out shit music like no other place on the planet. Long time no see, folks, by the way.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYzqfICJ-hc&list=UUR4s1DE9J4DHzZYXMltSMAg&index=1
  13. I was eating pistachios just now, and I found one with a bug in it. I'm traumatized.
  14. I never learned Python, but I've found thenewboston on YouTube to be a good resource for learning programming. They have other languages as well. Is Python your first language?
  15. STOP! Why do you have to be so mean to me? Do you not like me? Is it because I'm not pretty enough? I knew it! I'm going to start to eat once every other week and throw up twice as hard from now on. Promise me you'll love me back or else I might start cutting myself... more often.
  16. What is histrionic personality disorder? If I have it, does that mean I'm an attention whore? That's what Wikipedia seems to suggest.
  17. I'm also interested to hear what he has to say, but I doubt he has anything shocking to share. At any rate, I can't see how generating media hype on what he's about to say would benefit him.
  18. Three nice things that's put me in a good mood yesterday and today: 1. Spring break! 2. I had a 12-hour sleep last night. I hadn't slept so well for months. 3. I got a 100% on my Linear Algebra exam even though I got a question wrong! I felt bad about the exam for a week before I got it back because I had erased the correct answer to a 12% question, but whoever marked that question was extremely generous (or they made a mistake) and gave me full marks. EDIT: I don't know what's happening, but the third point shouldn't be in a different font size if it appears to be.
  19. I have the best profile song. I want cookies, too.
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