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  1. Where are his supporters? Are people like @Jason still defending him? Told you he would never make it here, didn't I?
  2. Willian should never start again?! Willian is great. He is one of the best wingers in EPL. We have one problem in this team and that's Morata.
  3. Depends on the player and the situation. Higuain played for sarri in Napoli and Sarri knows him well. Exactly like Sarri and Jorginho. After 2 games we all agree that Jorginho is a great player for Chelsea. Higuain could do well here too. You yourself are giving the options. They could pay 98 million for Icardi and he would be a great signing. Higuain said the only person that wanted him in London was Sarri and others didn't want him! By the way, I like Willian so much. I respect your comment, but in my opinion he is a very good player for us and I love the way he plays.
  4. Sarri wanted Higuain. So he would be a good choice. Lewa also would be great. About the age, Diego Milito joined Inter when he was 30. And we all know what he did for them.
  5. If I had a job in this club, I would do everything to buy a good striker. How can they start a season with Morata as our main striker?! It's like starting the season with Robert Green as our main goalkeeper. A player like Morata should be chelsea's third striker, not first.
  6. Semi-final rules: " If the aggregate score is level after ninety minutes in the second leg of a semi-final two fifteen minute periods of extra time are played each way. If the aggregate score in a semi-final is still level at the end of extra time the tie is decided by the away goals rule i.e. the team that scored most goals away from home over the two legs advances. If a semi-final tie is still level, the result is determined by a penalty shoot-out." So if it's 1-1 after 90 minutes, there will be extra time. But if it's still 1-1 after 30 minutes of extra time, then there won't be p
  7. He is a good shooter. I hope Barkley can also do this.
  8. Xhaka should have received 2nd yellow card for this:
  9. No I wouldn’t. And yes, that’s Hazard. Don’t you guys watch Chelsea matches?! You need to watch the whole game. Highlights and goals can’t help you judge a player.
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