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  1. From a quote in reddit: No one, MARCA and AS are Real Madrid press. Mundo Deportivo and Sport are Barcelona press. This 4 newspapers are shit when you are looking for a "reliable newspaper". There's some good journalist like Julio Maldonado but that's all.
  2. Hello juan, yes, i saw what happened in the lukaku topic and was actively trying to avoid that scenario. Sorry for thr inconvience but I can't delete my post myself, could you be so kind to tell me how to put some nicks in blacklist so I can end it once and for all?
  3. Assuming eden will leave us while he is injured is somewhat unfair to him. Nearly every players dream of playing for real but few can archive it. Real transfer policy is annoying, 1st they will spread rumours to the media to unsettle their targets. But not untill players hand in transfer request will they put in official bid for exmple ronaldo, de gea, carvalho... Is hazard unsettled yet? Yes, unfortunately. Did he issue transfer request? No, nothing at the present. Will real make a move? No, i don't think real will make record breaking for an injured. What is their intention then? Accor
  4. We did try hard for kouli last year, coughJohnStonescough but napoli was already swimming in cash from higuain deal. De laurentis instead of giving a firm reject, figure it would be more fun to watch us putting in bid after bid.
  5. The new kit contract will be valid from 1 july so around that time. Granted, it's only a theory now but willy deal not announcing any time soon may somewhat confirm it.
  6. Hello, ghana guy, thanks for your "pretty nice" comment. But your guess is wrong, "this person" (assuming is me) can assure you that they have passed their rebellious teen ages and have no idea how you get this impression. While "this person" is not interested in finding out your reason or discussing anything related to their personal infos such as age, gender or country. "This person" is purely seeking fun in sharing their thoughts and knowledges to fellow chelsea fan. That's why "this person" strongly recommend you to put them in your ignore list if you are offended.
  7. Aflter taking a cup of coffee and reviewing your link, I agreed I was quick to jump to a misunderstanding. So I'm thinking a restart and this time, be complely serious, the sarcasm will be left out. For starter I have deleted the previous unnecessary post. For you, please try not to twist my words and words like "educated" is not highly regarded, english is not my primary language, or either secondary's in my country either. I'm aware that my english skill is not perfect but I'm trying. Do point out if some of my sentences do not make any sense, but irrelevant comment will duly ignored. The tr
  8. There will be a picture of new players holding his shirt in a press conference, I don't think nike and us want to do adidas free services.
  9. Is gazelta de sport reliable or another sun italia?
  10. Fa requires a club has at least one english player in the team
  11. We were chasing vvd first, from all the rumour i've gathered after they humiliated us last summer, we stopped trying altogether. All these noise only come from Adl and kouli agent, napoli probaly needs money to comply with FFP christensen confirmed he will return
  12. Well, rejoice then, cause latest rumors has started looking good readchelsea.com/2017/06/14/chelsea-want-keep-cesc-fabregas-club matic situation is purely speculating as of now, no confirmed action has taken place yet. If he demands to leave to be a starter, good luck then. A starting spot has to be earned not give, his poor performance half season does not do him any favour.
  13. F4 has stated that he will stay to fight and conte is in no rush to push him out, so yes he will unless there is silly money offer. I don't know why people are quick to assume that we will sell either matic or f4 while i haven't seen any official bids for them. Can we jus rotate with using both of them? who said conte's gonna stick with 343. Conte first preferred formation was 424 but he changed since it's a failure. and 352 was not always juve formation from conte's days, it was 433 or something, they just play this way after conte got a fully knowledge of the team, figured it
  14. Nah, my sarcasm is my way to deal with bs, the other way is trolling "you are such an idiot that doesn't worth my time blah blah" but we are all fellow chelsea fan here so I'm not going with latter. If you don't like it? Back off or I will quit after I'm tired with your personal attack. I will be serious here for once. Costa was going to be sold to the highest bidder this summer, china acmilan or atm, whatever. Of course we all love money, mendes too but tianjin has released their official statements twice that there were no approach to costa since jan episode, because of the new tax regu
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