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  1. From Reus to Cuadrado. Sad but i guess we can forget about Reus now. Today Bayern just said they will not sign Reus, so basically there is one way for Reus remain at BVB or leave for Real bench. Mourinho must understand that we need a good shooting player, there are too many skillful players without good shooting in our squad ​ . I still have a hope that we will sign Pogba in the summer.
  2. Im so jealous of this transfer. Lucky Manchester United signed one of best wingers in the World.( And we keep waisting 30mln on deadwood like Willian and Oscar, but of course Chelsea fans will still say that their are young and future World Class players). Why Mourinho why you not signed him? First Ozil and now Di Maria. We are top team and we must buy finished stars not future stars.
  3. Mourinho: Chelsea are now done in the transfer market for this year http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/jose-mourinho-lays-arsenal-claims-3882207 Pogba
  4. He can go to Liverpool but not to Arsenal.
  5. Agree. But Ramires will kill us with terrible passing. He good squad player but definitely not a starting player.
  6. Omg fifa must ban P$G. They waisting too much money.
  7. You forget Real and Barca?. If we want him to play for Chelsea , Mourinho must land him now. Because if he stay now in Juve i guarantee one year later we'll see him wearing Uefalona or Real kit.
  8. Even DailyMail posted it http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2687987/Paul-Pogba-spotted-near-Stamford-Bridge-Chelsea-target-fuels-transfer-rumours.html
  9. You wrong mate. We will sign him. Relax
  10. You never know.. Maybe he looking for a flat in West London.
  11. They signed new fitness coach last month . So we must be worried.
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