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  1. He wasn't very good. He is talented but lazy. The Europa League final was embarrasing for him, he was subbed on and then subbed off after 20 minutes.
  2. Busquets displaced Yaya Touré as a 20 yo kid coming from youth ranks. Nothing special.
  3. Reject? Barcelona don't want him to go. Cesc and Alexis are Barcelona "rejects".
  4. He's leaving because he can't be a starter for Barcelona anymore. I would say that he has had a chat with Mourinho and he isn't coming to sit on Chelsea's bench.
  5. Priceless. http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/16972-diego-costa/ http://forum.talkchelsea.net/topic/17011-playing-for-another-country/
  6. Ah, sorry. I though he was speaking about Costa. My fault. I agree about Bony.
  7. Mou has made his decission. Courtous will be numer 1 next season. He has spoken to the player about this.
  8. You haven't watched a lot of him then, have you? He is one of the fastest strikers in Europe.
  9. Why people blame the board?? They are supporting the manager. If Mourinho said "Sell Hazard, buy a toaster and a fridge" then the board would buy a toaster a a fridge to be Hazard's replacement. Blaming the board is easy and unfair.
  10. Would have played 4 matches for England, but he is spanish.He was under-21 in 2010. And he got 12 NT appearances in two years for the best national team ever. Furthermore, he was only 21-23 years old. NOT BAD.
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