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  1. I love how that twitter account has been renamed to Champions of Europe!!
  2. I still find it hard to believe we are two times Champions League winners.
  3. And Willian left for Arsenal because he wanted to achieve big things
  4. Must be a special, special feeling. I loved how Mason and Reece just sat there on the pitch, no phone, just enjoying the momentm the pure moment. What the actually achieved.
  5. Did his little dance again hahaha Loving his chant more and more!
  6. Also, seeing KDB leaving the pitch and crying, that really hurt me too.
  7. Now we have to make sure we win the bloody Supercup and the world cup!!!!
  8. We have made sure that Chelsea will forever be in his heart and blood. And I love it.
  9. I loved how he celebrated the triumph hahaha
  10. I just saw Joe Cole's celebrations. What a Chelsea blood!!
  11. Forget this thread. We won the fucking Champions League!
  12. Instead of Man City winning their first CL trophy, we have become a two times CL winners. SO SPECIAL!!
  13. jesus stop taking pictures with you girlfriends and celebrate properly lol
  14. The ref is also crying. A top performance from him.
  15. Can you imagine? Some of those players are 20, 21, 22. And they just won the CL. Incredible.
  16. Loved the way he praised Havertz in the on pitch interview
  17. Thiago wins the trophy at Chelsea. Legendary connection.
  18. This goal basically means he becomes our most expensive signing! Steal!! hahaha
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