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  1. This Kante-Mount change might actually help us way more.
  2. Serious discussions need to start about Mount.
  3. Tuchel in his last interview said it is difficult to drop him. He is not a golden boy ffs. Work rate is not everything, especially at top level.
  4. These attacks cost us a victory at Anfield. Do not repeat that!
  5. STOP WASTING CHANCES!! I wish Mount was NOT the man leading a counter attack
  6. Indeed, feels like playing with one man less up front. Hopefully he raises his game asap
  7. ffs Lukaku should have left it for Kai
  8. Not confident today but anyway, come on boys!
  9. No wonder Rice wants out. Imagine playing for someone like David Moyes...
  10. and against De Gea, the joke of a pk saver!!! Even Zouma would have scored past him ffs
  11. Moyes just shows why he is a failure in big management. Clown
  12. Moyes you fucking clown that is why you will never succeed big time you sucker!!!! I mean, De Gea is a joke of pk saver and Moyes sends in a grandpa from the bench to have a first kick in this!!! WTF
  13. Bloody Lingard won it late for Man United
  14. Remember this season we have allowed opponents so many shots already. And Kepa suddently starts, damn. Sorry boy but I have almost zero confidence in you in an open play
  15. Urgh no Mendy is a blow. Not starting Kante another one. Fingers crossed Lukaku is clinical again. Losing points to awful Spurs is not an option ffs
  16. Kante fully fit and ready to play. Pulisic needs just a little bit more time before getting the full training loads.
  17. Pep Guardiola: 'Stick to coaching', fans tell Man City boss after he asks more supporters to attend games https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11679/12409963/pep-guardiola-stick-to-coaching-fans-tell-man-city-boss-after-he-asks-more-supporters-to-attend-games Box office
  18. His CL, SC and Euro medals have been stolen from his house while playing against Zenit. Poor fella, after all his charity work and given his kind of shy nature, this is really sick from those people.
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