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  1. Now broken bone in a face in the Belgium game. Horrible day.
  2. It was aired way more than it should have been I believe almost everywhere. The Czech TV also showed way more than I could actually handle.
  3. I feel the worst has just happened. Cancel the tournament asap
  4. I am afraid Soyuncu would not last long in a men prison…
  5. Your betting tip? Not just result wise. Immobile to score?
  6. It was not the first time we wore it. It was used in the last league game against Bolton at home prior to the CL final. Not that it changes anything lol but I have had enough of this topic cc @Jas lol
  7. lol welcome to the Raiola world, prick
  8. I am eagerly awaiting Paul Merson and Phil Thompson's rant over the new Wolves coach. cc @Jas
  9. Makes you see how much I actually care about the Czech international football
  10. To be brutally honest, I completely forgot Czechs are involved in Euros too And in a group like this lmao
  11. The races are always much more fun when there is no Hamilton leading the race in a boring way. Can't wait for him to just retire finally.
  12. lol I feel much better now after the restart
  13. Absolutely fuming here!!!
  14. Yeah, can’t fight with that lol. Hopefully, next season we will have a similar ‘problem’
  15. Hahaha loving that last hashtag!
  16. The ref handled it (oops!) in a fantastic way. Gave the whole world his adamant opinion live and did not care about complaints. I saw a lot of comments about him being a Spanish Mike Dean which he showed before the game during the CL anthem by winking twice to the camera lol but in the game he was flawless or faultless.
  17. New tat for Pulisic, while still wearing the CL winning medal
  18. Where is the F1 congratulating the go-kart?
  19. We conceded more goals in one game against WBA than in the entire CL winning campaign. Funny now.
  20. Fantastic vid!v Especially seeing the bench rooting for their team mates, especially Thiago. Oh and also, is Kai still wearing the Stand Up Speak Up band? Isn't it like.... 20 years ago?
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