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  1. Eden Hazard FC, replacable my butt.
  2. Why didn't Hazard just shoot himself?
  3. We don't have any decent fullbacks for a 4-3-3. Midfield isn't compatible as well.
  4. So this is the narrative you're convincing yourself to believe? That's pretty funny.
  5. His children were born in Spain and he's not together anymore with their mother. So no, he can't just bring them over to England.
  6. He has to go back to Anderlecht if he still wants to make something out of his career.
  7. He'll never sign a new contract. This is our Sanchez situation.
  8. He might stay this year, but no way is he signing a new contract.
  9. His shot literally bounced off the post yesterday after the first goal of Japan...
  10. Practically no comments about this man's brilliant game yesterday?? Yet the usual suspects would have had their knives out if he had another subpar performance.
  11. He'll never replicate this form ever again in the rest of his career. He really isn't that good.
  12. sir_volrath


    De Bruyne has been shit for Belgium since the end of the previous world cup.
  13. Your constant passive/aggressive jabs towards Hazard are getting very tiresome mate. You don't like him, we get it.
  14. This is not 2015 anymore. 40 million gets you average to mediocre players like Bakayoko 80 million gets you highly rated but not world class players like Morata 120 million+ gets you world class players. My guess Leicester values Mahrez around the 70, 75million mark.
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