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  1. Like going back to when we were skint and had to sell all our good players many moons ago. We then ended up with some class youths who won us promotion. Could we do this again ??????
  2. Lately Sarri has started to look like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Seems totally bemused as to why his system wont work in England. Is too stubborn to admit its failing. When he's talking to the press he seems to display a sense of arrogance, thus blaming the players for not following his instructions on the pitch, but then proceeds to pick the very same players for the next game!! If they dont follow your instructions then DROP them..Simple Showing way to much loyalty to a number of players who will eventually cost him his job.
  3. Bottom line is this.....Heads NEED to roll. Whether its the manager, the board or the players, someone now has to pay the price for this shambles. Terry.....never replaced.....Lampard......never replaced. Costa........never replaced. Courtois/Cech...never replaced. We bring in Luiz, Jorginho, Drinkwater, Morata and Kepa who may be good but will never be a Cech. .
  4. Oh I totally agree, but I was filled with enthusiasm at the start of the season, but that was the peak of what has become a rapid decline, and no sign of the brakes being applied.
  5. We couldn't find the back of the net with the Hubble telescope never mind a football
  6. Even you know you cant defend the indefensible
  7. I expected to see slow progression under Sarri......Instead I see slow regression.......but getting faster!!
  8. Sheer desperation on my behalf........Fucking anyone but this OAF
  9. Did their keeper have to make a save tonight?
  10. 2-0 down and we bring on a defender??????What the fuck!
  11. Rookie manager making us look like amateurs
  12. And another hour in the dressing room after this
  13. United may be under pressure but not in any danger. They are doing what Ali done to Frazier.. Classic "Rope a Dope". we will tire out and they will hit us on the break..Again
  14. Willian for Pedro......Well who'd have guessed?????????
  15. Fuck all wrong with Romero...Time wasting to break up the rythym.
  16. Have we nobody capable of attacking a ball in the box??????
  17. Yep........4-0 is on the cards, and Luiz will get sent off
  18. You forget that he "Cant motivate these players"
  19. Hate to say this, but this Chelsea side (I wont say "team" because they're not) dont do come-backs. This could easily finish 4-0 to the rags. Jorginho, way too lightweight and brings absolutely nothing to the table. Alonso....well its fucking Alonso.....What did Sarri expect???? No fucking movement upfront either. We've been sussed out months ago and Sarri-ball just wont work. Goodbye Sarri, you're knowledge and understanding of the ENGLISH game is pure shite and you have failed to adapt to it. We are a joke, but I'm not fucking laughing
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