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  1. A good start to this half, but we'll huff and puff..........Then they'll score
  2. Unimaginative display. No idea what they're doing. Passing across the back line, not going one to one against them. Exactly the same as the Southampton game. I dont mind us losing if we show some fight, but this is unacceptable. We have good players but they are being stifled and they dont know what to do. Frank I like you, but you should be able to get more from them and you're not doing it. I dont think buying big in January is the answer, I think it goes deeper than that. You all know what I mean but I just dont want to say it....It's starting to look very obvious.
  3. Dont deserve anything from these types of games. We simply cannot find a way to break down 2 banks of 4. Trying to play through the middle is never going to work. We havent put in a decent cross all game for Tammy.
  4. For the goal CHO lost the ball and Zouma turned like a fucking cruise ship. Zouma off Mount on and CHO off and Pulisic on and FUCKING ATTACK
  5. Dismal display....Absolutely no passion or intent out there. Sick watching these tepid home displays.
  6. If Hudson Odoi comes out for the second half I'm switching off. Game for Pulisic magic
  7. OK then, let me guess.....You're either an accountant or a football agent
  8. Whereas I agree that we need to strengthen massively in January, especially in defence. But realistically we need a solid defensive midfielder who can bully and harass opposing midfielders, and a striker. Tammy is good, but not great. We need a proven striker who can, on his own at times, dig us out when we really need him to. If the team isn't playing well, then Tammy is average. My problem is this. With all the talk of buying in January, who would want to come that would improve the side, and at what cost. We all know that once teams know we are interested in their players the price will inf
  9. We moved the ball way to slowly. Our passing was woeful. Defenders hoofing long balls across the pitch way too often. Aspi was rubbish today. We really only had one real effort (Emerson header) on goal, oh and a long range from Kovacic. And I've said this before that Mason Mount is way too light weight for this type of game and is scared to get stuck in. Taking off Pulisic was a mistake. He should have taken Mount off, pushed Pulisic into the centre and just brought CHO onto the wing will Willian on the opposite side. Bats never got a smell when he came on.We are just inept at breaking down a
  10. Mmmmmmmm....Dont know about the "nil" bit!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm sorry to say that in a game like this, with all the physical tackling and marking we shouldn't play Mason Mount. Too light, too easily pushed off the ball, and not brave enough in the tackle. Pretty footballer, but he's coming up short in this type of game.
  12. You might change your mind when you see the highlights
  13. I have some wise words of advice for our keeper Kepa Arrrisabilaga.....FUCK OFF OUT OF OUR CLUB YOU SHOWBOATING [email protected] BRING THE BACK LINE WITH YOU.
  14. Kepa has made mistakes like this consistently all season and he has now paid the price. Not worth near £70 million we paid for him. Also the papers are talking about Chelsea buying Sancho, Zaha etc. we desperately need to wipe out that back four and bring in some QUALITY!!. Christensen Zouma and Aspi have no place near the first team again...EVER.Plus, we are soft, we should have cleared Tom Davis and the ball out of the box for that last goal.
  15. We need to hit the bloody target to score Pickford hasn't had a shot to save yet.
  16. Because we are Chelsea... That's what we do
  17. We're winning. Have some faith my man
  18. My God!!! The guy is in the job 6 months, has had no chance to buy any players, and his best defender is sidelined. If you were told 8 months ago that Frank would have us playing attractive football and have us in the top 4 you'd have bitten their hand off.
  19. I know we are a young team in transition, but com'n,. Every week we are making Sunday morning football mistakes at the back. 70% possession and its only 1-1. Rolls Royce going forward, Robin Reliant at the back!! I still think we'll win though.
  20. Having watched that shit show, it confirms in my mind that Pedro and Giroud no longer have a part to play for us. Both were atrocious. I don't think we had a shot on target all game. Sorry Frank but you must come into question for your team selection today. Jorginho too has gone off the boil and has started to make mistakes which we are getting punished for. We were really off the pace today and never even threatened a rookie keeper. Sorry too, but I don't have faith in our defence. Rudi cant come back quick enough fo me. 0-1 was flattering for us. They made the better chances, we created noth
  21. I'm looking forward to this, which is not something I said last season!! We are riding the crest of a wave with no pressure on us whatsoever. The lads should just go out, play their game with the freedom they have shown so far. OK we do need to tighten up at the back and perhaps defend in midfield a bit better. But today, all the pressure is on City, they need to win. One thing I'll guarantee......It wont be 6-0. Oh.......And James HAS TO START
  22. I agree.....But these were the ones we were losing every other season...
  23. After watching Jorginho and Kovacic tonight I feel i need to offer them both an apology. Last season under Sarri they were average to crap, and I said that when Sarri left I hoped he'd bring "that donkey Jorginho" with him. I also thought that Kovacic was only a squad filler. well tonight, and so far this season they have both been immense. That pass from Jorginho to Tammy gave me more gratification than sex!! And Kovacic running at Watford reminded me of Lampard. Ok Jorgi gave away a penalty but that aside he was brilliant. So I am apologizing to you both for poor judgement on my behalf. But
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