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  1. They may try for both!!! Just thinking that City have lost to both Norwich and Wolves scoring only 2 against Norwich. We hockeyed both of these away scoring EIGHT in the process. And we're the team in crisis
  2. Totally agree. And to think some people on here wanted him gone after his first rusty league appearance this season. I think he really wants to impress Frank and for me he will be a key player this year.Links up very well with CHO, but what really impressed me today was his desire to track back and actually win back the ball.
  3. Aww, we were useless . Played nice sharp football,Willian was everywhere, crossing, tracking back, winning back possession. Alonso too was very good. Tammy Mount and CHO link play at times between them was a joy to watch. Jorginho pulled the strings, Kante tackled everything and scored.Pulisic came on for final 10 minutes with Bats and played him in with a lovely pass. Only downside is our centre halves. I felt Zouma should have cleared the Southampton goal shot with his left foot, rather than trying to poke it with his right. (But in fairness to him Valery shouldn't have been allowed to run a
  4. Have to say I'm pleased at how we are attempting to play the game in recent matches. Slight concern is the creation and taking of our goal chances. Major concern is ZONAL BLOODY MARKING, especially from corners. If we can sort this out we can go far.
  5. This is Chelsea....We can never relax watching them!!
  6. I was really annoyed at our first half. Basic mistakes cost us again and again this season. Frank needs to sort out set piece defending and zonal marking. We're horrendous at both. But the second half was so much better. Granted, Pool took their foot off the gas, but we were superb and Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic bossed the midfield. Although we lost, lets remember we are a work in progress, a team in transition, and instant success will not happen. Frank is a rookie and we all said we'd give him time, so let's do that. We can hold our heads high as we gave them a very good game today. Also th
  7. We would be a very close match for Liverpool today were it not for defending set plays and zonal marking.. Frank has to see that these are our Achilles heel this season so far
  8. DEFEND SET PIECES...FUCKING DEFEND SET PIECES. And fucking zonal marking is a joke. How many goals have we conceded from set pieces and using zonal marking this season?
  9. Have to agree mate. Once the dust has settled following our capitulation on Saturday, lets look at things in a harsh light We lost some very good(and not so good) players in the summer. We lost a manager. We got an inexperienced manager. (at this level) we had an ageing side. We cant buy to strengthen we have to rely on youth and inexperienced players. And our Board did not have a back-up plan once the ban was enforced Although I was annoyed on Saturday, I will be happy with a top 8 finish this season. We cant compete with City and Liverpool, we now see
  10. Because we are playing like amateurs....And being managed by one too. Mark my words, this is going to be a very tough season...We'll be lucky to make top eight!!
  11. Think I called it before the game. So bloody unpredictable. Absolute rubbish in the second half. Sheffield deserved that forth way they made us look like amateurs. Aspi was rubbish. Mount never got started. One shot on target in the second half. Frank, you need a rethink, maybe too much youth too soon
  12. This lot could be dodgy.I hope they're not Bournemouth in disguise!!! I would love us to win this 3-0.Give Frankie his first home league win and push us up the table before the international break. But this is our Chelsea, so bloody unpredictable........
  13. Thought Kovacic played very well today.
  14. Not much point playing the high press if we cant maintain it. Once we scored we sat back and allowed Leicester to come at us, and we dont have the players to hold a clean sheet at the moment. Mount started well but then drifted out of the game. We looked a very tired team in the second half and bereft of ideas. We were lucky to get the draw as Leicester bossed us in the second half.............Oh and could someone tell Willian that just because you are wearing Eden's shirt doesn't mean you can play like him. You should have been the fittest guy out there but you played like a proper diva, poor
  15. Oh sorry.....I must be on the wrong site. I thought this was the Chelsea v Leicester thread???? But it looks more like like an advert for Eurosport Guys, we've played ONE league game and ONE Super cup game and we have a large squad... What the [email protected] are we talking about "tiredness" after 2 games???? These are professionals who are payed to do this week in, and week out. Oh and we will record a win against Leicester for the record. Wouldn't mind seeing Bats given a start, just to see what he offers us up front.
  16. Reputation restored after Sunday....Not arsed about this result. The performance was outstanding, and we really made Liverpool work for it. Still not convinced Tammy is our number 9 though. Still very green, he had the chance to wrap it up from 3 yards and fluffed it. really needs to step it up at this level
  17. Absolutely superb first half performance. Kante back playing his natural position is a joy to behold, he is at the heart of everything we create. But the first 10 minutes of the second half will be crucial. Pool will come flying out of the traps at us, so lets hope we're ready for it
  18. Yea, no pressure on us to really win this,so I'm just gonna sit back and see if we have improved at all since Sunday. If we lose but have corrected some of the horrendous mistakes I wont mind. We are still a long long way from being anywhere near full strength and this is a game where players will want to stake a claim for a regular starting spot.
  19. Dont want to see Zouma start, or Aspi for that matter. Both were very poor against Man Utd. I would start Bats instead of Tammy too and Pulisic instead of Mount. Bring Mount on after 60 minutes as his pace in the last 30 mins may generate something. Kante instead of Jorginho. Pedro needs to stop giving the ball away in dangerous areas as he caused us untold damage against Utd. We will suffer as we dont have a proven goalscorer, so if we do score we will need to be tight....And I'm afraid that at the moment we are unable to be that as a unit. Still, we knew this season was gonna be tough so le
  20. Totally agree,the guy was our best player by far today
  21. Well lets look at the positives. 4-0 has really showed up our defensive frailities. Zouma not good enough, Aspi getting slow, Christensen was solid enough and Emerson was the best of our back line. Kovacic was solid and looked good while I'm still undecided on Jorginho. Barkley and Pedro gave the ball away far too much and too easily, while Mount did well for the first half only. Sadly Tammy, you're not good enough for this level. We dominated them for the first 20 minutes or so and deserved to take the lead, but the post intervened. Some nice high pressing but we dont have the stamina to carr
  22. Until the second goal went in we were playing very well, but then it all fell apart. Mount has been anonymous in the second half. Pedro the same. Zouma not good enough for this team. I think Kovacic is playing well and is one of our best today. i dont think our stamina and fitness levels are good enough to play the sort of game Frank wants for 90 minutes. 4-0 is embarrassing and after watching this goals will be hard to get, and clean sheets even more so.
  23. Pedro giving away the ball far too easily and his loss in the centre of the pitch, followed by Zoumo giving away a soft penalty cost us the half. We were playing excellently up to that. Barkley also giving away possession far too easily. Pedro off Pulicic on after 55 nins unless he bloody scores. We are still well in this match so not too disappointed.
  24. So here we go..........A baptism of fire for not only our manager, but our younger players who will come into the squad. I am concerned about our centre backs as none of them fill me with confidence to be honest. Zouma just hasn't stepped up to be a new John Terry, and Christensen always has a big fuck up in his locker . He can be brilliant or brutal in equal fashion. We need Kante back to give us some bite in midfield as Jorginho, although improving, still needs to add more to his midfield role. Kovacic if he starts will need to be on his game. Up front we should be ok, a mix of either Pulici
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