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  1. Com'n people !!!!!!! Did you honestly expect us to get anything from this game with our woeful away form???? The only hope we ever had to win this was if it was played in Lourdes. We dont have the players,or the manager to win these pressure games any more
  2. Neither Emerson or Alonso are good enough for Chelsea. Emerson caught for both goals. And Liverpool now see that Salah could have a field day up against him
  3. I think that type of injury needs rest............a long long rest hopefully
  4. Hazard = Pure genius...The guy was a joy to behold tonight, but we really need this level of performance again against Liverpool on Sunday. On a sad note though, the Premiership will be a much poorer league is he decides to join the Spanish mercenaries next season.
  5. I still dont see where "I am talking bollocks". I stated my view, and frankly the views of many supporters. I dont mind anyone disagreeing with my view, but to call it "bollocks" is disrespectful.
  6. "Good enough for what"? I said we have very good players who, on paper, should be far better than Cardiff. Do you not agree with that. And I think with a different formation and a manager who understands the demands of the Premiership we could be doing a whole lot better. Is that talking bollocks?
  7. Might be better if you re-read my reply to you. I said we were better than Cardiff on paper...Read before you tell me I'm talking bollox mate !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dont tell me that our players aren't good enough. On paper, we should be better in every position than Cardiff? It's this Sarriball thats 70% of the problem. We have very good players if used in a decent style.
  9. Disagree with me if you like but the better team lost today. They were better organised, sussed us out from the start (as every team does lately) and allowed us to play possession football up to 30 yards out. We got away with one today, whereas i would have liked us to lose so that we could fire the fraud called Sarri. Hudson-Odoi on the bench again is a huge smack in the face to all at Chelsea. Sarriball is rubbish and doesn't work, never will, and honestly I dont want it to any more. I want Sarri gone, and bring Jorginho with you.
  10. Once half time came I said to myself that we would lose this. Showed our hand in the first half and didn't score. Everton then adapted and we done our usual roll over and play shite routine. Shocking display in the second half, we couldn't cross for Giroud when he came on and Everton kept us at bay with ease. Sorry guys but I blame Sarri and he has to go. Its his job to see where we are at fault and he hasn't done that. If he cant see that Alonso is a player no longer able to command a place he needs to go. And Jorginho???way to lightweight for my liking, ducking out of tackles, getting easily
  11. Did you bribe someone???????? Com'n tell the truth
  12. I'd like to think that game against City in the Carabao Cup, and the shambles that played out in the final stages of that game has become a catalyst for the rest of the season. The City and Spurs matches showed that if we play as instructed by Sarri, we can match any team in the Premiership. And today we face Fulham.....A team we should beat with ease, and I fully expect us to do so. But I wont be judging it on the final score. I will be judging it on the attitude, professionalism, desire, heart and hunger of the players to play for the Club. We cannot afford any slip ups between now and the e
  13. Trippier could teach Morata a few of his one-on-one moves. Totally outfoxed the keeper, that part of Morata's game was pure tripe
  14. I'm flying over for this one.WoooHooooo. Costing me a bloody small fortune, but what I'm worried about is which Chelsea turns up, the Man city league one or the Man City final one????Anyway really looking forward to it. My BIG problem is this........I haven't told the wife I'm off to London for a couple of days..and have no intention of either!!!!!! Will she even notice I've gone???????
  15. I think that's just a cover up by Sarri as Rudiger had to hold him back from Kepa at the final whistle by which time he had all his info
  16. I may not be a big Sarri fan at the moment, but I really feel soory for him after that. Kepa should have come off...End of. Sarri may not always be right, but he is the boss. He got no backing from his backroom team, his captain or his players and I dont blame him one bit for losing it.Can you imagine if John Terry was out there,? he'd have kicked Kepa's arse all the way to the touchline to get him off...Loyalty guys, you donnt have it.
  17. Vincent Kompany just said in post match interview that they were dreading Willie Cabellero coming on for the penalties
  18. Its called PASSION and I wont fault him for that
  19. I wonder which keeper will start against Spurs ? Mmmm. I might put a few bob on Willie
  20. Should have stuck to his guns and taken Kepa off.....No question.. Plus Cabellero knows the City players and their style of penalties and he's a great penalty stopper
  21. I thought most of the team was immense today........But Jorginho??What a waste of 70 million. Gives the team fuck all, and his fucking penalty style is the same every time. Reminds me of Bambi prancing around a fucking field. The guy is a passenger
  22. We're doing that already...Emmerson, Batshuayi, Morata, Zappacosta, Drinkwater The list is endless
  23. Great days, great fans, But the boys did play in a "carefree " manner, and they were only boys. I agree we have become victims of our own success.. Jeez I went bloomin nutty when we won the Full Members Cup!! Now we're not happy playing in the Euro Cup
  24. I'd rather see him in Azerbaijan miles away from Chelsea
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