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We have been saying for a while how we need a specialist winger. Have just been listening to Talk Sport where the guest

was Charlie Cooke, IMO the greatest winger we have had in over 60 years. I don't think we have ever been very blessed with our

wingers. To me Charlie was the best followed by Pat Nevin. Robben could perhaps have been up there if he had stayed longer

and hadn't been made of glass. Still Jose was lucky to have two of our better wingers operating in tandem with Arjen and Duff.

I was interested to here Charlie say he didnt consider himself a winger but a midfielder. He was played on the wing by Dave Sexton

as we had plenty of midfielders but no one else could play wide. Makes me think a similar situation could arise with Juan Mata.

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rumours saying bidding for De bruyne in Jan ...wasn't over impressed with him in our games but perhaps not a fair test

I was not impressed either, he did not seem to have any dribbling ability whatsoever, he released the ball early though which is a good sign but we need a speed merchant like Hazard.

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Do we even have a winger? we play 4-3-3 but we don't actually have anybody that calls themselves a winger. Sturride is a striker, Anelka a striker, Mata a creative central midfielder, Kalou a (Shit) striker and Malouda is more like a left midfielder than an attacking left winger. The only teams that can genuinly call themselves a 4-3-3 side are Bayern with Robben & Ribery and Barca with Messi and Sanchez/Pedro.

We'll never be a threat to anyone with players always out of position. Mata and Sturridge can play there but they will naturally drift to where they favour playing by instinct. We need players to actually favour playing there and bloody well stay there. Also it would give that spanish tit more chance of scoring i suppose.

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Barca aren't even a genuine 4-3-3... there are very few teams that are these days. Teams prefer to adopt 4-3-3 variants with two strikers and 'one in the hole,' but that is largely because there are very few talented wingers in the world anymore!

I personally don't think we even need wingers. I'd prefer to see us play 4-3-1-2 with Mata behind two genuine strikers.


Ivanovic - Luiz - Terry - Cole

Ramires - Meireles - Lampard


Anelka/Sturridge - Torres/Drogba

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I totally agree. I think he's a much better winger than De Bruyne.

Every youth/reserve game I see him play, he's been very effective. I see genuine pace in him, with a goal scoring instinct too.

I think he's right sided too, so him and De Bruyne can be very effective if we'd take a gamble in a season or so.

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