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  1. Billy, Disney fans are fanatics and if they are pricey on EBay you won't find them cheaper elsewhere unless they have been rereleased. I'd ask the folks on the Main Street mouse (they have Twitter and Facebook pages) but do not use outside links as they will delete the post!
  2. Hope you're coping ok. I understand grief all to well having lost my dad in November and my Mum in April. Hugs
  3. weird new trend... My students seem to prefer it
  4. hoping to go to the DC and possibly NC games. If going join CIA it will reduce your cost majorly.
  5. Hey, any of the Americans or those on this side of the pond going to the summer games?
  6. Hoping that summer is better than my winter and spring!
  7. Junior Senior Banquet last night Picture one is me with two young men I tutor ... Both will play NCAA basketball next fall and the one on the left is already being watched by the NBA... I told them I want my "I knew them when" photo! I so can not believe Nathan has one year left in high school.
  8. I can only imagine I would have been nervous as well! Glad you made it safe and sound!
  9. She is a mutt, we aren't sure what dad was mom was a setter or cocker mix. We know dad was big dog, another pup in the litter is 27 lbs (12.2 kg) @ 12 weeks! Cookie is only 8 lbs (3.6 kg).
  10. Our new pup, my gang, and my princess and I post hair-dos.... She lost 5 inches on her length
  11. I only use mine to get class photos from my students and to spy on my children ... Sounds bad but sometimes it is the only way I see Nathan's art.
  12. This was how my work day ended.... My chem kids knew I needed cheered up so they decided to bring me a happy... This makes teaching worth it
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