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  1. He's out on loan because the board has fucked up.
  2. Lol, no it is not...
  3. Our first goal was a referece mistake, should of been denied and Eto'o should have been booked. But not complaining
  4. Decent game, just like all other attacking players unlucky in the finishing.
  5. Hazard posted it on his twitter a week ago or so
  6. Yes. Because last time i checked we can't look in to the future, who knows with lukaku in our squad instead of the terrible trio we'd win the treble.
  7. Mou had to man up, he could start 40 out of our 70 games if jose had the balls to choose him above torres and eto'o
  8. Because eto'o and torres are in their prime and are better than him right. What would you prefer when you are eating fruit, a banana which is almost ripe or a banana covered in mold?
  9. God stop the fanboyism, mourinho made a mistake, Lukaku should be starting games for CHELSEA not everton. He is our best striker, had a great pre season, mourinho isn't god deal with it.
  10. This. I don't get this, the guy is 20 plays for a team ranked number #5 in the fifa ranking, scores goals wherever he goes, can old up the ball, can pass, can cross, creates chances, is fast and a clinical finisher but his goals are not diverse enough. Messi doesn't score from outside the box, i don't see him getting criticized
  11. Well if he was only going to get minutes here and there it would be mourinho's fault. The loaning is a good decision to protect him from jose's ego and 'trust' in his own bought players.
  12. Prepare for the lukaku needs to develop bullshit excuse. He's the best chelsea striker should start atleast 40 games for us this season.
  13. http://soccerprose.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Sad-Mourinho.jpg
  14. had a pretty shitty pick of transfers. Bought william and Eto for 30 million and 10m of wages, should of bought a worldclass CM with that money.
  15. euh almost all of those players spend the majority of their developing years 8-15/16 at an other club. Once again my point was anderlechts youth coaches and training is better. I can't even see why this is an issue, ask any scout (see our own piet de visser) who has a better youth system. Edit: Our bench; chelseas bench.
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