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  1. Words cannot fully convey my inexplicable hatred for this deluded incompetant sack of shit & my utter bemusement at the fact that he still has a job. But even more perplexing than his continued presence at our club, is to see some of you on here still posing the question of 'who else?' at this truly dire stage of the season... Have you seriously not got the memo yet? ANYONE FUCKING ELSE WILL DO! As long as it's not Rafa. As long as it means we will actually have half a chance of miraculously clinging on to a top 4 finish - because that just simply doesn't look possible with the inevitabili
  2. So haven't posted on here in a while, but I'm going to start off with a lovely rant... Haven't been playing much UT the last week or so as the servers seem to be pretty dodgy at the moment since I managed to get relegated to division 2 twice in the span of a few days thanks to 5 DNFs in each of two seperate division 1 seasons - which was absolutely ridiculous. & only to add further insult to my extremely varied UT experience, most of them actually occurred after full time once I had already beaten my opponents & pressed 'leave match' - yet somehow even winning 7-1 couldn't save me f
  3. Aside from literally a couple of misplaced passes, Lamp's distribution today was absolutely world class - as was that gorgeous finish. Yet another overwhelming display of evidence that proves anyone's ignorant claims of lacking the passing range to play in a deeper midfield role entirely invalid. It's not like this is the first game he's been able to control possession like that this season either. I'm sorry but this isn't your average aging 34-year-old has-been running out of steam & legs as some of those posting on here have suggested. This is the unstoppable immortal legend that is Fran
  4. Just played Blue-in-me-veins with some of the weirdest lag ever - no real stuttering effect like it usually does - instead it was like playing in slow motion the entire time lol. Made for some extremely nervy moments & was obviously not the easiest to play with. 1-0 to me in the end though via an 87th minute 40 yard screamer from Stevie G. We'll have to try do the second leg another time when there's hopefully not as much of an issue with lag since it did ruin the game really, don't think I would have been able to deal with another full match like that straight away.
  5. Yer I should have taken advantage while I was on top - but at the start of both second halves it was like a different game lol. Had no idea you changed formation, was wondering why there were suddenly so many players around me haha. Full credit to your tactical genius in that case. Still no idea how I didn't get a goal back at the end though, some serious last ditch defending from your back line. It's early days still I guess, but you just might be the one to win this thing
  6. Good games mate. Could have really gone either way right up til the 90th minute in that second one, was intense stuff. Anyone else up for a match?
  7. Exactly. If Carragher has the humility to recognise & pay tribute to a legend of ours like Drogba & essentially call him an unplayable god, then he deserves the same respect & treatment from me considering what he has done for the game himself. If you appreciate the footballing passion & commitment that he has displayed down the years - it really should be second nature. That's a great article by the way, haven't seen it before. & that's definitely the goal he was talking about: I was lucky enough to be there that day to witness it first hand. Being less than 30 yards away
  8. Well I'm not going to bother arguing semantics over the tactics - but the fact is that England played with what was essentially a 4-3-3 for most of the first half & obviously wanted to employ that pressing game due to Brazil's physical frailty in the midfield in order to disrupt & prevent them from playing their usual possession game - & due to coming into the break leading by a goal, switched to a 4-2-3-1 so they could absorb the inevitable pressure that Brazil were going to exude being a one down & chasing the game. That is why Lampard & Gerrard were both in deeper positi
  9. Did you actually watch the game mate? The reason England had to play deeper in the second half is because Brazil pressed the fuck out of them, Oscar & Neymar were up Cahill & Johnson's arses right up until the final whistle. That's how Brazil's goal was scored, because Cahill tried to bring it out under pressure when there was no space & that forced him to take a bad touch & make the mistake. In fact the converse is true, Lampard dropped deeper to accomodate England's more-than-obvious inadequacies at the back & Gerrard did the same, to at least give them some kind of outle
  10. I already have IF Wilshere & IF Lamps haha! That's why I've been telling you get them dude lol. Can't say enough to tell you how good they are working together alongside Gerrard. Seriously man, if you decide to get one of them, you won't regret it. & yer I know exactly why you wouldn't like Kompany ha. But he would be second choice to Ramos in my dream team & I'm considering just sticking with IF Wilshere as well since he's so good, so I just thought fuck it why not since IF Baines isn't here yet. He's turning out to be a pretty good purchase so far - basically impenetrable defence
  11. Holy fuck. That team would seriously rape shit up man. If you sold your current squad you could probably afford it maybe without the TOTY cards couldn't you? I know what I would do lol...
  12. Finish in today's game was sumptious as usual. Very few other players would have been able to not only react but put it in the back of the net - & Frank did so with the kind of style & class that even the world's finest players would be envious of - & that is why he still belongs in that category regardless of all the nonsense that has been spewed in this thread trying to exaggerate the most remotely negative nitpicking things they can possibly conjure. If England are going to have any chance of making the last major competition of their golden generation one to remember, Lamps is
  13. 1. Yer I can understand why, but the point was kind of not to use the paciest Brazilians around; nor a proper striker. Up front my 2 options would be Hernanes or Ronaldinho - Hernanes only winning out due to stamina & price. & Moutinho was the player I wanted to build the team around since I loved playing with him in my early UT days before I got my BPL team toghether, so I needed Rodriguez in there to give everyone 9 chem & plus I have always wanted to try his IF out too. 2. Yer but I guess I just don't need the pace man. I'm a big fan of Simao & Joaquin so wanted to fit them
  14. Lolwut? I'm guessing you meant something positive since you liked the post haha. PS: Fancy a TC League game if you're free & up for it? PPS: Interested to hear about your conflicted feelings when Lamps scored that beauty today lolol
  15. Yer fair enough mate, if it makes sense to you then no worries, I understand your reasoning even if I don't share it - I guess I just don't have quite so much hatred for rival players the way you do lol. Admittedly some I would consider stabbing the shit out of in a lonely dark alley in Camden - & others I just think are plain wank - but the ones that I appreciate as individuals I can just about forgive for playing for shitty teams haha. But yer I definitely understand your desire for the lesser known names rather than the household world beaters - if I had enough cash I would do a similar
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