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  1. It's a number set by experts according to statistics and reputation of the player and league etc. which should show the players estimated value on the transfer market. Of course it isn't something like an overall rating like in FIFA, because you can't valuate a human in terms of money, but if there's a difference of €10m it is a good way to rate a player. Everybody knows that it's hard to negotiate with Portuguese sites and Matic leaving for that sum is something completely different and unrealistic. Please read my post again. The only thing I wanted to express is that Matic is still rated low
  2. Futhead 14 is here!! http://www.futhead.com/
  3. Hopefully he's alright. Twisted ankle can be anything from a slight stretch too a rupture. Let's hope for the best.
  4. Fair enough as the club wants to end the rumours, too, and wants the player to be able to totally focus on his performances.
  5. I remember one of our new signings of last season (anyone remembers who?) saying that Juan knows every corner of London so to say. If you tell him you want to eat a pizza or something, he knows exactly where you can eat the best pizza in London and all this stuff. It seems that he's really settled by now.
  6. http://espnfc.com/news/story/_/id/1544383/everton-loanee-romelu-lukaku-was-90-per-cent-sure-chelsea-stay?campaign=rss&source=soccernet&cc=5739
  7. Thanks. All right then I see no problem starting him. Baines will hopefully not have much time for attacking anyway. I think it's fair to rotate the pivot and give MVG a shot after playing Rambo and Lampard in the first 4 games, but Mourinho will probably stick with Ramires next to MVG/Lampard in front of our defence.
  8. Does anybody know something about Willian's defensive contribution? Although I believe we could play a quite offensive style at Everton, we might have to deal with Baines' runs. Maybe even Schürrle again on the right?
  9. That's unlikely as the structure at Zenit is there for some time now and they've been a top Russian club ever since. It's unlikely that Gazprom will stop their sponsoring anytime soon IMO, they are a too big company and they also sponsor Schalke e.g.. The situation at Anzhi was quite different as the club was construed to achieve short-time success and because they simply didn't manage to do that, their money supply was cut off. Matic's market value (€22m) is still less than Witsel's (€32m) and the fact that Zenit bought the Belgian for €40m, would not make him cheaper for us. Portuguese teams
  10. Not a one-man team like Spurs were last season, because they still have the likes of Wilshere, Cazorla etc. in their ranks, but he'll be the key player and they'll struggle if he'd pick up an injury.
  11. There's a difference between potential and reality. I agree that he could be one of the best strikers to ever play for Chelsea. No one knows that, but to say that now when he hasn't even scored for us is way too early.
  12. This. If you add Battlefield 4 that's the four games I'm gonna get until the end of the year. I'm in my last year of school though, have to keep gaming at an under-average level.
  13. Any more infos on why he isn't in the Spain squad? It's usual not to see him starting for them, but didn't he always have a spot on the bench? Not that I'm mad, I think those two weeks are very good for him. José maybe has spoken with Del Bosque to let him stay at Cobham so Juan can build up his full fitness!?
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