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  1. I expected him to shine this WC, like James did. I am quite disappointed by his performances. Clearly he is not a world-beater yet. I just hope that some day he will become one.
  2. He earns his salary in Chelsea and not in Brasil. Jose trusted him and he let this team down. If it was because of his national team, then he is not a player I want to see in this club anymore.
  3. If he was saving himself for WC he can fuck off from the club right now as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Eden was defensively terrible today. If he is not fit, than it is clearly Mourinho's fault.
  5. On what exactly? Did anyone actually benefit from his childish and shameful reaction?
  6. Wtf are you talking about? This is not a fucking Hazard FC, it's Chelsea FC. And POTY is not awarded to the best individual, it is simply Player of the Year award ffs.
  7. Unfortunately for Cech, I think it's time for Courtois. Tbh, I see something special in him, something I don't see in Cech anymore.
  8. I don't believe every word Mourinho says. Oscar's been awful for a while now.
  9. Now that was some awful football from Oscar. He is not showing that he is worth #10 spot. In fact, atm he doesn't even deserve to be on the bench.
  10. Good performance from Rami. He is my MOTM.
  11. Yea, I know. The fact that he is a faggot is not related to this case at all.
  12. Neymar is a little faggot. Hope Barcelona gets punished.
  13. Isn't it obvious why all those kids sign for Chelsea? (hint --> €) In Hajduk the maximum salary a kid like him can get is probably something like 2000€ a month.
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