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  1. How come you changed nationality bitch? I want cat British Jason back
  2. Yo HUTCHO BOYYYY If I were still around, Liverpool would never win the league
  3. Hello peeps, I have resuscitated after years and years to ask you to start paying attention to this GK from Brazil. I honestly think he will become big time... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_(footballer,_born_1997)
  4. Fuck this. Look the goals we are conceding ffs. Every single match. Plus the chances we just missed
  5. Ok lets win this thing so we can risk drawing against Leicester. Pls
  6. Well, at least we wont have to open the transfer deadline thread
  7. Not me. Only CFC forum I ever signed up is Talkchelsea. I used to post here a lot, do quite a bit of articles, became a mod and so on. But mid Mourinho crisis and Conte's arrival, real life happened and I slowly faded into oblivion hahaha
  8. Jason why you have this ugly pokemon as your avatar? I think its the same since i left (3 years ago). Pls change it. Where are the cats?
  9. It will tho, because it "looks good" to have an academy and UEFA/FIFA enforces them. I agree the system is broken, but it wont change unfortunately.
  10. This is sad. I trully dont understand the amount of investment big clubs put into youth to not use it. Either spend the money and use them or just flat out cut the cost and buy 1 big player per year wuth that money.
  11. Hello Jason. I still hate cats more than Sarri just so you know...
  12. Can someone tell me why we didnt sell william for 30mil in January?
  13. Ok I am here so we all know we will lose
  14. Good old days when every 10min there would be a new post on this thread. I remember we took it from 700 pages to 1k+ in 6months or so. Jeez that was around 4-5 years ago.
  15. @We Hate Scouse can you give me chelseas manager spot pls?
  16. Its the first time we have allowed 6 goals since the inception of EPL
  17. Agree to a point because Conte's team had some very "in form" player, but that has nothing to do with what i said tho. I never said Sarri's job is better than Conte's. I was simply explaining that even doing a good job, Sarri doesnt have a squad to win the league
  18. Sarri isnt doing a good job. But you guys also post like he is coaching a stellar squad...
  19. @Henrique is here. Its doomsday!!!
  20. When I am most active on talkchelsea you guys can know we are in ruins. Just think about it. AVB, Benitez' days, Mourinho's 3rd season. Those were my glory days lol
  21. I was working during the game lmao. Now its sunday i have time to shitpost
  22. Cap omg. I wonder if he is alive and well. Yeah i have u and jake on facebook too. What triggered me to return after 3-4years was that shit of a game. Wanted to blow off some steam by shit talking our team here lol
  23. Oh hey whatsup? Did you just return as well? Wheres Jake? Man I turned the tv off already. Not watching the game anymore
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