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  1. Some of you are beyond repair. Let's log off here and head to The Shed End. Wouldn't be surprised if half of you so called supporters will stop following our club if we do a "Leeds". There should be age restrictions on the Internet.
  2. Who is all these youngsters your talking about and who has not been patiant with them? Certainly not me. Support our players, no matter what name or color their skin are. And yes, Drogba left as a legend, but there was nothing that could point to that after his first two years at our club, even though we were the best team in the world those years.
  3. Then again, Mr. Chelsea Supporter, did you think that Drogba would turn out good for us?
  4. Yes, because this forum contains way too many boys who barely have gotten out of their diapers and knows nothing about club relations and support. Sturridge always trying to make things happen? Did you watch us play after Christmas last season? There is a reason why RDM plays Torres and not Sturridge. Or maybe you should take the job? How many trophies have you won on Championship Manager?
  5. Because of the Africa cup and because RDM chose Torres in the league matches towards the end of the season.
  6. Drogba wasn't benched one single time when fit under Mourinho, even though he was far worse than Torres was today for most of the first two years here. He certainly wasn't benched under Grant, who had the tactical knowledge of a slapper and just played the same system as Mourinho (long ball up). Under Scolari he got injured and tossed a fucking coin on a Burnley supporter and got three matches, once Hiddink came in then he was back on the team. Drogba was never really benched when Torres came into the club, maybe a couple of matches. And Drogba was just as shit as Drogba under most of Ancelott
  7. When did Chelsea bench Drogba? Your as thick as a coke can.
  8. To all the so called "SUPPORTERS" who decide to slag off one of our players (the match winner this time) after a GLORIOUS night from us, please fuck off from the club. We are Chelsea FC and has always been known for our GREAT support. We're not Liverpool where they turn their backs on their players. We're not scum like Spammers, Leeds, Spudz or Millwall. We are Chelsea FC. Cheer with our players, die with our players. I guess Rooney and Van Persie are shit as well, since they couldn't do fuck all against a cowardish defending team on Monday?
  9. You are a dumb little fucker with that attitude. How do you make goals? Hint; someone has got to assist it. Goals is all that matters, right? Were Drogba shit in six of his seasons at our club? Support our players, if not then fuck off to Spuds, Spammers or Leeds. They'll appriciate you.
  10. Last season he could assist three goals in one match and got criticized. In this match he scores the winner and still gets criticized. And what's all this talk about Sturridge "still being our nr. 1 striker"? It's not the same to perform as a striker for Bolton as it is to perform for a good club. I have great faith in Danny, but he's totally unproven. Your fucking "support" will be a good riddance. Where were you when we were shit?
  11. Dennis Wise is a true warrior and was a huge character to have around the club. Not only that, he was a pretty darn good footballer as well, and he has never gotten the deserved credit for his performances. "Oh Dennis Wise... Scored a fucking great goal.. At the San Siro"
  12. It was a correctly made decision to fire him, but maybe the wrong time to do it. I'm not Mourinho's greatest fan, but he has improved exponentially as a manager since he was here with us. However, I can't see him joining till all his old players have moved on or has retired for obvious reasons.
  13. If you hadn't heard about Lambart until Sunday, then I'm sorry. He alone has shot the Saints up two divisions already, and will be a close call for the top scorer of the Premiership. Reminds me alot of King Kerry. However, there are some serious facts you've got wrong. Firstly, Drogba was Mourinho's goldenboy, just as the stupid decision of placing Gallas (because of Carvalho) out wide (and therefor losing him later on). Gallas and Terry had a far better connection and was the best centre back pairing we've had in this club. Secondly, Jimmy had left the club when Drogba came in. Last but not l
  14. I fear that we might concede early in the game, only to try and chase two goals for 70-75 minutes. Let's hope that's not the case, because that's going to be hard. Our defense needs to be fully aware from when the whistle blows, no slip-offs.
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