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  1. No more Ballack No more Didier No more Kalou No more Mata No more Bison BUT.......... We got Jose, We got Jose, We got Jose How we wanna remember them is left to us all..They will always be loved and appreciated for every memory they gave me and true blues world wide...Good bye friends, chin up to those of us who are emotional over this, express your emotions, but dont forget who you support and who that team now has as manager....BELIEVE!!!!
  2. I agree with pretty much all you have said.....But people try to compare him with the English traditional no nonsense CB, ala JT... And yeah i meant just CB's...
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50oUbezu5Mo I love and admire Kompany, imo the best defender in the PL the last 3years.....But we havent seeing him do these stuffs often, and im not even putting up David Luiz's goal, as that just hitting the cheat button.... Also, kindly show me a defender better than Luiz when it comes to technique....Not saying he is the best, just asking for one that's better and playing at the highest level...
  4. Which youngster do we have that can pass the ball from the midfield and is PL ready? Baker?.....I know we got a youngster MVG, but it think its a know fact that he is injured....We have tried pretty much the other options there, Essien, Mikel, Rami....Also how many world class AM's does Man U have?...Do you Januzaj, will get a spot among our 6 AM's, you have to put things in context....Why did the same Moyes not do the same with Ross Barkley last season?
  5. Honestly i dont get why people act so ignorant or just straight try to play the, i dont know wtf is happening card.... What are Jose criticisms based on? An entire season? half a season? or because he is special and we are not spanking teams 6-0?...Are we in the 3rd year of Jose's transition?...Have we been actually able to have a real transition period? because our impatience...AVB wasnt here long enough for his "philosophy" to bear fruits, he was chopped and mid season we had to start from scratch, how many mangers have we had after that? I think 3, that means we have to start from scratch 3
  6. I never said it was unethical, and i never said or implied that they are more important in anyway, but because the lives were lost in Boston and not one of those places doesnt make it less of a horror, America has a stronghold on world media so whatever happens here is broadcasted around the world and blown out of proportion, and you really dont know what 9/11 did to this country, it changed everything, we are just trying to get away from that so whatever happens that is even a slight reminder of that day, is blown way out of proportion.. The media will only broadcast what they can make money
  7. Ok...Then blame your media for shutting up about it, why blame us....I understand non americans feel when anything happens in America it is worldwide knowledge, but hundreds of blacks die from shooting everyday in chicago, west LA, south dallas, Miami, DC, pretty much every inner city in America and NOBODY hears about it...But when there is a school shooting, it its worldwide news, so if we are talking about deaths that dont make the news, it happens way more in America than anywhere else, just check the statistics on the number of gun deaths...
  8. People in Somalia, Bahrain, Syria are getting killed by their own people, we went through our own civil war where we killed each other and have been stronger since then, let those countries fight their battles....They dont have the innocent citizens of their countries targeted by cowards who cant stand and fight... This is not fair a and this is not how you fight a war, how much of a punk can one be to bomb people at a marathon....Yeah they might be overreaction by the media, because it is the USA, but how many other countries get terror attacks on their innocent citizens by people they dont
  9. Happy Birthday Man...Have a wonderful year
  10. Please, Please, Please...Dont say things about the Zen master if you dont know much about teams and players he coached...How many rings did Jordan win without Big Phil?...Im a Laker fan, and how many rings do you think we have won after Phil?, the first time Phil Jackson left the Lakers, we were so dreadful that Kobe asked to be traded, why didnt the almighty Kobe(whom i adore) not win everything for the Lakers himself, or why he is not wining it for us now...Shaq only won the one ring with and amazing D Wade after he left the lakers...How many rings has the best player of right now (Lebron) w
  11. I bet you wont be saying this if you were not european, so Africans dont have the right to have a continental competition like Europe does?...i dont know who won the last 4, but i know Didier Drogba is praying to win just ONE...Its not important to you, but people who care about where they come from even if their competitions are not as well known or posh as yours, still have pride in putting on their national colors and should not be insulted for it..... We can be slaves to patriotism when it is the Euros or the World cup and you would want every Cfc player to compete in those competitions, b
  12. This is exactly like CFC, we are fascinated by a player, get linked with him forever, but he doesnt become available until they are past it...Not saying Villa is past it, but for those who are scared of another "big money striker flopping", i'm scared of the cursed of the player that once upon a time we really wanted, but now past it or too old...Just a list of the top of my head, Sheva, Deco, Quaresma and Torres, we were linked with them for what felt like an eternity, but when they arrived at the bridge we rarely saw what fascinated us about them....IMHO like @Tomo-91 said, 4 years too late
  13. What were you watching under RDM?...We were creating chances, but were unlucky and couldnt score...Remember how many chances Sturridge missed in 20mins of play?, i bet its more than what we have created all games...I thought Roman wanted exciting football?...HAHAHA...This is what you get from a fat waiter, imma grab the pop corns and stay tuned to this sitcom...
  14. YES WE CAN!!!!!!!......When i started supporting cfc he wasnt the manager, managers come and go but cfc is forever.... I will support our players bar torres who has brought nothing but disgrace and heart ache to this club, no one can force me to support someone who has shown us hatred and was brought in to bring out the best from the biggest flop in world football....I didnt support Avram and benitez is worse off in my book I will watch games, cheer on players who care for chelsea and hope they do well, but will sing fuck off benitez to my tv until he leaves..
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