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  1. Well, we do sell some of the players that don't make the first team to help balance the books, but yeah, financially it would probably make sense to drop it. However, from a fan perspective I would hate to see it go. For me, it's fun to learn about the new players coming in, and watching how they do. A vast majority will fail, but it feels extremely rewarding when one does make it. I guess its like playing the lottery; shit odds, but the hope of possibility winning makes it worthwhile.
  2. The sad reality is that our academy will never produce players for our first team on a regular basis. Realistically, you have to be one of the top 300 players in the world to be a regular at Chelsea. Its incredibly difficult to know which 13-14 year is eventually going to develop into the next John Terry, and even if you do spot a player with incredible potential, you have to compete with every other team in the world to sign them. Barcelona, is one of the few teams that produces top players on a regular basis. Yes, that partly has to do with training, but its also because of their immens
  3. I agree that it was poor loan, but I absolutely don't think it had anything to do with the fans. Do you really think the board factors in fan opinion when making player evaluations? Obviously, it would've been better if he had more playing time, but I don't agree that he lost a whole year of development. Don't you think the thousands of hours he spends in training during the year aid in development? Playing time helps, but I don't think its going to make or break him.
  4. First of all, you shouldn't pay too much attention to what players and managers say. They are all taught to say positive and optimistic things, regardless of the situation. But even if he meant it, what does that really prove? Is his psyche so fragile that he can't handle not getting what he wants, when he wants it? You are right to a degree, work ethic will only take you so far if you aren't training intelligently. However, at the Premier League level, I think it is safe to assume that all players are being trained competently. Some teams may handle things a little better than others, b
  5. How did expectations affect Josh's career? I think exaggerated expectations mainly affect those with the expectations. Sure, if everybody is telling you how great you are, you can become overly confident, but I don't think anybody would claim has ever been overly confident. When it comes to player development, I feel that some people put too much emphasis on external factors like expectations, playing time, and loans. IMO natural ability and work ethic are 90% of the equation. If a player has what it takes, he will make it; the cream will rise to the top. Based on what I have seen, Cha
  6. I agree that he would do better as a false 9, using ground based possession, however, I don't see us moving in that direction. Lukaku, is most likely going to be our main striker for the next 10 years, he is anything but a false 9; I believe our system will be molded to fit him. Of course, anything could happen in the future, I could be totally wrong, maybe we will get a new manager that loves the false 9 or maybe Lukaku will be crap or get hurt. I'm just saying right now, it looks unlikely.
  7. I have a hard time seeing Feruz ever playing for the first team. He has performed well for the youth team/reserves, and obviously has talent, but in my eyes he doesn't fit our team and formation. What position would he play? He is too short (163 cm) to play as lone striker, and he doesn't seem to have the creativity and passing ability to play on the wing. Am I off base here? Can you guys see us using such a small lone striker? In our system, I don't think the lead striker necessarily has to be a pure target man, but he does have to be able challenge for headers, and hold up the ball for
  8. He was the Belgian Young Player of the Year. Don't want to be pedantic, but there is a significant difference between the best young player and the best overall player. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_professional_football_awards
  9. Injuries definitely make is hard to nail down a perfect squad size, as you never know what will happen. If we go with your plan, and rotate heavily, I would prefer to bring back Piazon. I think in his time at Malaga he has shown he has the ability to be first team player. He certainly isn't fully developed at this point, but I think he is good enough now that he wouldn't hurt the team while learning on the job.
  10. Why are you so convinced he isn't ready? Is it just his age? I agree that it is a risk, we can never know for sure how a player will fit in our team. But don't you think bringing in a new player would also be risky? Who knows how the new player would adjust to a new league, new teammates, new formation, new manager. Also there is the financial risk, with FFP we have to think of money differently; every dollar spent in one area takes away from another. For example, say we are restricted to spending 50 million this season, if we spend 30 million(and wages) on a striker, that leaves us only
  11. I see where you're coming from, and I agree that we need adequate cover. However, I also think we need to be careful not to overload the position. Hazard, Mata, Oscar and KDB are all top players who will not be satisfied unless they are playing the majority of the games. To ward off fatigue, I think they would be willing to sit around 25% of the time. Four players, playing 75% of the time in 3 positions doesn't really leave any time for anybody else. So I guess the problem isn't having too many attacking midfielders, its having too many really good attacking midfielders (first world probl
  12. Gosh, I hope you're wrong about Torres staying. I hopeful that the board/Roman finally give up hope on him. It will be difficult to get rid of him, but I think we might be able to loan him, paying a good portion of his salary. I don't see Falcao coming, he is 27 and will cost a ton with his transfer fee and wages...not a good bargain.
  13. Its going to have to be somebody who is happy on the bench. Those guys are typically older, and looking for a payday. Rickie Lambert?
  14. Agree on Marin, we should let him go in the summer. I actually have high expectations for Piazon, but I think he should spend another season on loan. I believe that KDB will be an attacking midfielder for us. While he definitely has the offensive ability to play in the middle, I don't think he has physical, defending, and ball winning abilities that we need in the pivot. So, for next season I would line up our 3 AMs like this: Mata/Moses Oscar/KDB Hazard/KDB Not a ton of depth there, but I think if anybody got hurt, we could cover with Ramires and Bertrand.
  15. Yeah, the 433 is a possibility since it is so similar to the 4231, the only real difference is that the CAM would play a little deeper. You're right that anything could happen, who knows what our new manager will want. However, IMO its unlikely that we ever use a formation that doesn't put 3 attacking midfielders on the field at once, our best players need to be on the field. I agree with you on Ramires. I think he can be effective in the pivot when we aren't playing a team that pressures heavily.
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