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  1. Agree, it's lovely watching us and knowing that even if we go 1 down we will/can pull goals back fairly easily. I had every confidence we would win after their goal despite our start. It's a great feeling to have and one that has been missing for Chelsea fans for quite some time. There will still be those that flap at the first sign of trouble, however, and start with their hyperbolic and reactionary criticism of just about any player on the pitch (or even Mourinho himself)!
  2. Costa, Hazard and Fabregas were a joy to watch. Elated for Remy too, but we need to address some of the sloppy defending. Was very critical of Ramires last season but he has been a v good option for us recently and that's probably down to the addition of Fabregas.
  3. This guy is amazing to watch. Still can get even better which is so exciting.
  4. Good players find space and get involved.
  5. God Ozil is so poor, he's looked awful in almost every Arsenal game I've seen. Absolutely invisible.
  6. I can't wait for this after the colossal bore that is the international break. This is actually the last Chelsea match I'll be able to watch at home for a while as I move out to go to uni next week so will be nice to sit down with my Dad and brothers, hopefully our team can get the right result; this is by no means an easy match though.
  7. You fly a lot for work it seems from your other posts! Agree re Turkish Airlines being a very good airline to fly with. If they stump up significantly more cash than Samsung to a level where we are at least on par or above other top teams (excluding Utd's huge deal) then that would be great. Helping compliance with FFP and being able to spend more on better players' transfer fees/wages is much more important than the aesthetic appeal of the shirt. We will all be numbed to it anyway if it is ugly, and I seriously doubt that the designers will come up with anything terribly offensive to the eye
  8. Shame to see you banned. I don't post here much but have always enjoyed reading your posts and arguments with other members..
  9. Completely disagree. Yes, some of those players would be good for our first team (Sterling) and squad (Barkley, Walcott over Willian, Wilshere over Mikel and potentially Stones over Zouma).. but let's be realistic for a second. How attainable do you really believe Sterling to be? Same goes with Walcott and Wilshere; our rivals will not sell their young English players to us for anything other than a small fortune and, really, none of them over Sterling would actually improve us. We would be paying a huge premium purely because of their nationality: that is no way to run this club. Unless you a
  10. Interested to see how United line up this season and whether they can click. I don't think they'll be a threat to us or City for the title but their new signings will certainly take them up a level, if Van Gaal can get them to work together. Personally, I think they would be better off not trying to shoehorn Mata and Rooney into the same team, assuming Falcao is playing as the no. 9 and Van Persie is out injured (rumoured to need surgery...). With the amount of money spent and the quality they have brought it would be an unmitigated disaster if they didn't at least finish 4th IMO. It does sort
  11. If I was Scottish I would vote no, and as an Englishman I'd still like to see the union maintained but I can't say I'll be particularly upset if the Scots decide they want complete independence; I really don't think it will affect my life at all. As Muzchap points out, it is a lot more complicated of a question when you have to think about debt, currency, central banks and the allocation of the natural resources (oil). I fear that some people may be voting based on the emotion of being 'free' and listening to the tripe that the politicians come out with than rationality. I would certainly be i
  12. Well, his sprint and back-heel assist capped off a bizarre yet awesome week to be a Chelsea fan. As stated above, he deserves praise for adding a semblance of defensive solidity in a period when Matic/Ramires couldn't control the game or keep it tight.
  13. Always been critical of Ramires but thought he had a good game and was certainly productive. Usual sloppiness in possession but he made up for that with not giving away too many silly fouls and his offensive output. He's a good option to have in the midfield, for sure. Having said that, I still prefer starting with Oscar with Fabregas playing deeper - I think we have much more control that way and it is more defensively solid. I am one of Oscar's bigger fans on here too and still think he'll develop into a top player. Good to have options, depth and flexibility etc.
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