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  1. Kova smacking the ball at mane was also a great moment
  2. And here is the reason why this place is a joke If we didn't have the "pe teacher" the match winner and best player of the pitch would be currently on loan somewhere. Bore off and support city or something.
  3. Lol, I see this place is still filled with idiots.
  4. What a fucking game. Mount was the best player on the pitch. Fucking get in
  5. A bit Conservative but totally expected lineup. Hopefully we can at least get a score draw out of this.
  6. He scored! And we didn't let them have a shot. So perfect half so far. Keep it up
  7. I'd maybe understand if mendy had a few shockers. But he's never conceded a goal under tuchel other than rudiger. I hope it doesn't cost us but I'm worried long term if he can bring kepa back in
  8. How the fuck are we starting kepa. I went from super confident to nervous about that game. Sure he made some good saves vs Barnsley but he also flapped at 1 which tammy had to clear off the line. Mind boggling.
  9. Probably the worst clean sheet win performance I've ever seen but hey its fa cup and we won so I'll take it.
  10. Boom. Can't say we've really deserved it but I'll take it. Hope we pick it up a bit more now.
  11. I'm sure the pitch isn't helping but still shouldn't be getting outplayed by Barnsley.
  12. Needs a rocket up some of these players. CHO the only attacker looking decent. I wish we had Mace to bring one.
  13. Looks like we've changed formation to 4 at the back.
  14. At least we aren't playing a shite left back at left centre back anymore.
  15. Ziyech is such a luxury player I feel like he'll struggle under a tuchel led team to get regular play time. No doubting his talent but with this formation I don't see him getting many minutes unfortunately.
  16. Always have to be nervy. But get in 3 points are huge. Mount and Werner were both very good.
  17. You can guarantee every game Kova is gonna bang one over the bar
  18. FFS. Seriously please can we stop fucking about with it in defence.
  19. I fully jynxed that didn't I. Classic rudiger.
  20. Yeah mate absolutely. And we always look like we have a shocker in our back 3 somewhere.
  21. Need to kill this one off though. They should come out a bit and we should have more space if we can bypass the press. Let's not have another nervy one.
  22. Reece mount Kova chillwell Pulisic ziyech Werner Or something like that would be good. I know pulli isn't on the bench for this game.
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