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  1. People! What kind of example we are setting here? Lets say we just sacked Jose - our best manager in club history and probably in the world - players would be like ok i dont care for your tactics and demeanors so im dont give a fuck on the pitch and neither would mind getting relegated or care about supporters or damaging the club reputation but im still collecting the checks tho. You saw what Hazard did, he simply didnt gave a shit that we needed points or the fact that we're sitting 16th in the table. Sacking Jose would solve nothing but On the other hand selling some big ass players like Ha
  2. Here is the plan! Release the 1st team squad to start their xmas holidays now. Bring the youth through, use them till the end of the season (we all know we cant do worst than this & we wont be relegated). Come the summer compelete over hual, recruit and start over.
  3. I look at the game and somehow the ball falls right at our players feet in front of goal & its facking obvious they dont want to score. Sell 2-3 players & u will see balls being converted left and right!
  4. And Oscar, blimey, every match somehow he manages to top him self for being shit. I facking hate him with a passion. The only thing he is good at is to take weird photos with his siblings and feel up his sister
  5. Iva & Azpi can go fuck themselves. Fucking faggots. How can you not score the goal with ball just 1 meter away to the goal?! Not scoring that 1 was much more harder. The 2nd goal is so stupid u have to be an imbecile to let that go in! He doesnt deserve to be in the chelsea club.
  6. Scored 2 and we could've scored atleast 4 more with the chances we had! Shocking how inept we are in front of goal. I want Gent for the next round...
  7. I highly doubt that! then, we had a Drogba with BALLS size of a Iva head!
  8. If we lose this one and go to Europa League it's certainly is a plan to get a UCL spot next season by winning the EL. It better not be true!
  9. And blimey Matic defined shit in this match... He stunk the whole stadium with his shitty performance.
  10. This is pathetic! We knew we're a laughing stock for some time and now we managed to bypass that! The team reeks of lack of BALLS and confidence in every dept.. every opponent comes to SB knows we are shit at the defense and as a whole. They get only 1 fucking corner and you could feel we are trembling inside knowing we lack Balls! they knew that when they cross the ball put alil bit of pressure and thats it we broke! game over. This shitty tactics of ours circling the ball around their 18 yard for 90 mins with no real threat only show how clueless we are.
  11. If i want to respond to you i quote you but whatever...
  12. A taste of their own medicine....
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