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  1. Tell me that someone saw Ole Miss vs Texas A&M 41-38....come on Rebs.
  2. Christ on a bicycle! Ole Miss get stamped on, What about the Vols vs Georgia, the bloody game stopped recording with 8mins left in the game. Anyone here know the final score?
  3. The wheels have fallen off of my beloved Steelers 0-3 for the season and 0-4 for the preseason but like being Chelsea fans sometimes we suffer for our teams...lol
  4. Steady you'll be throwing insults at the Queen next..lol....Steelers here mate.
  5. It's not on Lukaku, he did what you are always told to do when taking pens.....never change your mind. He's young and made a mistake. Ramires did deserve the second yellow because whilst he won the ball he then went over the top and caught the player a good 'un. why did JT not put himself up for the pen, he's the club captain. I am extremely proud of our team for last nights display and I also thought that Torres had a great game and should have stayed on....Now shoot me..lol
  6. I have to say that while I never thought that my hero Bobby Tamblings record would ever been beaten in my lifetime, for a man such as Frank Lampard to do so is almost beyond words. He is the ultimate pro and more importantly, he is a gentleman and so is... Bobby Tambling. :blue scalf:
  7. Stone me I was correct Blimey!I'd better lay down in a darkened room, Did I dream this but did I see that Rafa had won manager of the month? Strange world ain't it...
  8. I've checked on wikipedia and according to them we won 8-4.strange because I'm certain that it was 9-3...must be the sex drugs and rock and roll
  9. Changingman, do you remember when played Morton in the Cup and won 9-3 on aggregate?
  10. Before it was sponsored it was known as the Football League Cup and worth winning but then I'm older than Christ.....
  11. So how was I to know that I was singing to the choir? Some of the lads on here are extremely young and as an old fart I thought that I'd point out that I done a bit...lol
  12. P.s if you are gonna puke make sure that you get it in a bucket....
  13. Look the point is the world and his dog are going to be watching that match and why the f**k should we come across as a bunch of whining prats when we can look like and be a class act. An another thing it's easy to punch in the letters on a keyboard and call any one who would like us to show some class, shallow but I've paid my dues over the 50ish years that I've followed the Blues Turf Moor is a lonely place in the rain.....
  14. Tell you what tiger, they are still goals for our team , just incase you hadn't noticed
  15. I think that since he took that boot to the face, he's said to himself "that's enough of this shit" and he has started to look like player again and 20 goals is still 20 goals incredible I know I had to check.....
  16. My apologies for that last utterence but my keyboard had a fit.
  17. Only if he is in it for the duration, i.e sees the job through and not throw his toys out of the pram
  18. Never mind any of the comparison crap and the he said this or that crap either, the guy is doing the job as manager for our team and I cannot believe that he is indifferent to the shit that some of us are giving him. We've made our feelings known, Christ f**king martians know how we feel about him, but, he is going to lead our team out in the Europa Cup Final can we just show some class and let him go out with some support for getting us there and also possibly despite some dodgy team manovres into the CL next season. Come on it isn't hypocritical for us to just show some class, he knows that
  19. Our 1st rounder is Jervis Jones from Georgia Bulldogs, other than that we've picked well supposedly all that were on our coaches board, we'll see. Our project must be Landry Jones from the Sooners and our steal might just be Le Veon Bell although still a second rounder he was projected to go much higher in the draft.....15 free agents signed and alot are linemen and lbs......
  20. Look on the bright side.....Fernando is finding his shooting boots again, if only he could lace them up in time for next season......
  21. No mate ,they're only doing it to say " f**k you we don't care what you think"
  22. only on the americans! no seriously, it is extremely doubtful that the north koreans have a launch vehicle able to reach america with any pay-load....don't quote me though!
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