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  1. Didnt watch the game, seen some people say he was instrumental but seemed to be taking it easy, as if his head was at Chelsea
  2. Think its pretty obvious we will hear nothing re. Havertz until end of August IMO. Once EL is all sorted for Bayer
  3. very good player to be fair to him, just when hes bad, hes really bad. Think its the right time to part ways, but if he stays, i wouldnt complain either. Seems all done to Arsenal, though
  4. What if the deal is all done. Fee acceptable. Structure of payments. But no announcement until they exit EL. Quite possible
  5. Havent watched the doc and may do so later, but did anyone suspect it was a "goodbye" at all?
  6. Yes, absolutely shite source Ian McGarry. And quite clearly that amount is BS Remember McGarry and Castles were the ones who told us Werner's agent has told Chelsea to not bother bidding because he was a Liverpool player already, and a few other things What happened the very next day? less than 24 hrs later? Werner had agreed to join us. They are full of utter shit. The backtracking from them and whatever else was LOL
  7. Simon Johnson doesnt seem as in the loop as some journos re. Chelsea Never gets the exclusives, or breaking news. Always one of the last.
  8. I think we will get nothing news wise of any real breakthrough, until Leverkusen drop out of EL, or win it
  9. no new news really what Kicker said. He was probably always going to have to play EL for Leverkusen regardless. Talks ongoing, im sure if the deal is happening there'll be something to report soon enough
  10. Probably just a celebration video, but seems a coincidence to me. Something to do with 10 yrs at Bayer
  11. On the contrary, I have a feeling media have jumped the gun on the deal..... Maybe thats just me putting 2 and 2 together with it going suddenly quiet
  12. I think he'd probably want it sorted before they play Europa v Rangers. That way he will have no doubts and confusion over whats going on. Could even mean that potentially, he may miss the EL and fly over to England in a week or 2 and train with us. Either way I suspect it'll not drag on. Haven't seen Sky Germany report anything today though
  13. Romano is saying its with add ons included. So like 60m plus 12 in add ons. I think it may end up 80m euros and then add ons afterwards myself
  14. Just fucking hold on lads!! Up the Chels
  15. You have those player sales, you also have 3 windows worth of budget, really. And lest we forget IF needed we can turn to Roman for bankrolling. After Werner, Havertz and Ziyech I'd bet we could spend another 200m if we wanted. Of course not to say we will, just making the point. Sales help with balancing the books, but we could quite easily do all our in business, then focus on sales. And should one of those sales be a key player for excellent money, we'd replace i suspect. Dont think Zouma goes though, i think he or Rudiger will be partner to a potentially new CB. M
  16. I wonder if we offer more upfront would Bayer let him join now and miss Europa League?
  17. Liverpool was a free hit for me. Always expected us to secure CL v Wolves and not tonight. IMO we are going to get it. Definitely fancy us to at least draw, just need to start Pulisic, and i hope Kante is fit, too. Why the Utd fans are claiming tiredness will see Wolves beat us is beyond me, we have 4 days rest the bloody pillocks. They also dont realise that they are desperately wanting to beat Leicester to screw us over, but should that happen, we qualify lmao. They are a weird lot.
  18. So he is going to ask to miss the Europa League then is he?
  19. Well if its not his job, he should stop telling us what havertz is thinking and shit like that
  20. Jacob Steinberg is a die hard West Ham fan, he will post negative news non stop re. Rice and chelsea. If you look at his twitter, 2 hours ago he tweeted that West Ham should not be interested in the swap, then suddenly the article appears. IMO that article is opinion or hope, rather than fact
  21. Honigstein always comes across as bitter when top players leave Bundesliga for England. He always tries to shoot the rumours down or speak negative about them. But a top player linked to Bundesliga from England, he's all positive and says he can see it happening Seems to me he is a little out of the loop on this Havertz deal.
  22. Matt Law did report earlier that we could go for a keeper if Kepa stays even My bet is Onana or Pope
  23. Weird thing is, the sad acts like Joe Tweedie and Chelseayouth etc on twitter would probably have turned all these deals down just so use a 18 yr old from the academy instead in the respective positions.
  24. When opposition fans are spouting off about us buying the league again, you know we are on the way back ! This is a massive deal following Werner and Ziyech Suspect our window will end soon as a LB is signed. And possibly Declan Rice depending on the fee But again, if someone integral does go, they need replacing so plenty of ifs and buts yet perhaps
  25. Leicester wont win another game this season IMO Sheff U home Spurs Away Utd Away ( i think) Match their results and we are top 4. Beat Norwich, and Leicester would absolutely HAVE to win a game to stand any chance. Even then, should we win Tuesday, we go 4 clear of them, so could afford to lose a game, too
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