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  1. It is a nonsense tbh. Pointless complaining though, fuck all will happen. Plus, I'm sick to fucking death of seeing CFCDaily on twitter whinging like a child about it. Apologies if you use this forum, but if you do, you definitely need to go outside more
  2. I just think PSG will slap 70m euros down and be done with it. If Inter desperately need the cash, i think they'd prefer that to our offer of 60 plus Alonso. Even though its perhaps better overall
  3. Any Italian speaking fans in here, or Italian based. Just to give us an idea for the Italian media, can someone sum up whether the following are reliable, or pretty poor Corriere delo sport, Gazetta delo sport, tuttosport, mediaset... Pedulla, Di marzio. obviously we know di marzio is decent
  4. I really dont see Hakimi happening, I think he will go PSG - although the reports are hilarious. Last night we were ahead and still in talks. Today or tomorrow itll be PSG. Sick of this saga already
  5. Lose to Fulham and he will be on the brink. Beat Fulham, Leicester and Wolves and we will go on a run IMO. He will be fine at that point Beat Fulham, lose to Leicester and Wolves i think he will be massively under pressure then. Draw against Fulham? Not good either. In other words he needs a few wins on the bounce to even be safe. Before we play Fulham next Friday. Utd will have played, City, Everton, Arsenal; and Villa Spurs play each other. Points will be gained ahead of us, Fulham game is must win
  6. None of us 'want' Frank to be sacked, we just understand that from a perspective of looking at Lampard the manager in black and white... he is too inexperienced for the job and its beyond him, IMO. We all want him to succeed, because he is Frank Lampard, the club legend But you have to forget about that when judging him and deciding if he should stay on. Is Frank Lampard a potential premier league winning manager? Not for me. Does his squad, ideally, need a more seasoned and experienced manager? Id say yes. I'd also say Jody Morris does fuck all and should be replaced, too - even if
  7. I still want him to stay, and would love him to turn it around. Will he though?
  8. It'll be outs this window. Drinkwater, Moses (try turn it permanent), Baba Rahman, Alonso, one of Rudi/Tomori will go i suspect, i still think a few youngsters go on loan, and Gilmour may very well be included
  9. It would have only happened if Jorginho went, and that isnt happenin
  10. I find it incredibly difficult to believe Jorginho may head to Arsenal on loan or whatever, CHO may leave on loan and replacements for both will be signed. Not happening lol We have 24-48 hrs left. CHO will probably stay although i think a loan would do him good, and i like Jorginho so would keep him Only players id let go from the first team picture before 11pm Monday are RLC loan, Alonso loan or perm, Rudiger loan or perm (like him though). And revisit it in January Seen talk of Thomas Partey which just seems a lazy link, although good player.
  11. This is not happening i reckon. Too late and West Ham will want 50-60m. Rice wont push it either
  12. No chance we get Rice now. We aren't paying the asking price, and its too late in window IMO
  13. Brilliant signing! I did expect a proper announcement video though given the hype around it.
  14. Decided to pretend to be Carefreeyouth for 5mins so here goes "I'm told we are working on a new keeper whether Kepa says or goes, I do know who the club really want but cant say anything at the moment, sworn to secrecy - another bit of info for you which no one else has reported - expect more loan exits!" When the club announce our new keeper, i will then come back here and tell you i knew it was player X all along, just couldnt say anything.
  15. Calling it now, Havertz to Chelsea gets announed as soon as the Malang Sarr to Leverkusen loan goes through. It'll be part of the deal somehow
  16. Clearly a done deal, theyll wait now until hes back in London so he can be involved in the videos the club do. Then announce it
  17. Covid testing tomorrow and first day of pre season for Leverkusen. Think Havertz will be there, he'd have to really; unless the deal is genuinely as close as Romano and cfbayern say
  18. Leverkusen back in pre season Friday. If he takes part, its not as far along as reported. If hes not involved... its close
  19. These will all be tied up by Friday i reckon via various media sources. Knowing our club though official announcement on website will come around end of September
  20. Quite literally a tremendous transfer window should we pull Havertz, Silva and Chilwell off. If we can add a top GK on top depending on funds, could be a 10/10
  21. If the journos are true, there will be news of a fee agreement soon. Surely to fuck
  22. It'll probably be 80m euros and 20 in add ons as suggetsed elsewhere. Those add-ons will be easily achievable ones so that Bayer will get their 100m one way or another. Probably be something like 2million if Chelsea get top 4 at any point during his 5 year contract. Another 2million if Havertz plays a certain amount of games in his first season. And then for each year of his 5 year deal, say in the June of each year, Leverkusen get another 4m Many creative ways of making up the add ons
  23. i definitely think. He's come out with loads of stuff and deletes it soon as he is proven wrong. Guy is a complete tosser. There was quite a lot of stuff he had wrong, if i can find it ill show you Steve Holland JT taking over from Sarri was one, with one of them potentially being DOF. Sarri sacked day after FA Cup defeat to City. Loads. All his tweets are ambiguous, they dont confirm or deny stuff so either way he can be right. And if he does confirm something and is wrong, he will delete all tweets. Didn't he get something else totally wrong once, and then s
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