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  1. Klopp preaches being proactive and taking the game to the opposition (no matter who they're playing). We have coward managers who say shit like we will suffer and instill fear into their own players.
  2. It's over, bro. The Hazard story here is finished. The same guys criticising him now will be crying for him when he joins a good team and does well.
  3. This wouldn't be the case if he was at a top club and/or had a good manager.
  4. I'm sick of Conte and I'm sure many Chelsea fans are.
  5. I hope we get banned from European competition for something.
  6. Honestly, I don't give a shit about qualifying for the Champions League and haven't done for a long time. We end up with shit players whether or not we're in the Champions League and we won't win that competition again for a very long time (if ever again). All that will happen for the next several years is we get embarrassed by better clubs like Barcelona did this year.
  7. Kante running through them at will. He was doing the same to Barca.
  8. Bakayoko is hilarious man. It's like a fan won a competition to play in the first team.
  9. I just read a Conte quote which tells me everything I need to know about him. When discussing Juventus' Champions League chances, Conte replied: "You can't go to a €100 restaurant with €10." Since Conte left, Juventus have been to the Champions League final twice. He is Mourinho lite.
  10. and take your suffering with you.
  11. No just moronic nonsense like 'he could/should do more' with zero context or awareness of what transpired on Sunday. Stupidity runs deep at Chelsea, from the club itself right down to the supporters.
  12. Lol replace him? With who? You're right tho. We're Chelsea FC. We'll 'replace' Hazard with an overpriced, overrated piece of shit that isn't fit to lace his boots
  13. You are yet to explain how anybody in Hazard's position could 'do more than he did' on Sunday. You are not even pretending to have an answer to that question. I am sure he'll fuck off in the summer - only a lack of ambition on his part would mean he stays beyond this summer.
  14. Yeah, it's depressing watching other teams play well when we have to suffer through shit on a stick football.
  15. He was too embarrassed to look at Hazard.
  16. If walking football was a thing Fabregas would be top 5 in the world. As it stands, he would struggle to make the benches of the truly elite European clubs.
  17. How can an attacking player be anything but disinterested when his team is set up the way they were on Sunday? You could have replaced Hazard with any of the all-time great attacking players and they would have performed no better. Sunday was a shambles and further proves why Hazard has to leave this summer. You cannot be that good and waste your prime years playing that kind of football every time your club comes across decent opposition.
  18. Still embarrassed. To think the club employs this clown and pays him 9m a year for that. Sickening.
  19. Shut him down for the season. Kante's health is more important than anything. Fuck man, this whole season is an absolute nightmare.
  20. The worst thing that happened to us before this match is City's comprehensive beating of Arsenal over two games. Because that really scared Conte and confirmed his approach. Just sickening, man. That coward doesn't have a single ounce of professional pride.
  21. Conte has really turned Hazard into Mo Farah.
  22. He has been begging for the sack for weeks.
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