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  1. Jorginho just isn't capable of finding a creative pass or running a midfield.
  2. I'm not unsympathetic to Zouma playing out of the back, since we can't do anything else at the moment.
  3. It's a dire indictment on our midfield that our best moves forward have come from Rudiger and Zouma.
  4. This ref really doesn't want to call a foul on BHA.
  5. When Ziyech is in full flow, he's a pleasure to watch. However, when he has to cut inside on his left to do anything productive and cannot beat anyone with pace, he just holds up attacks.
  6. How do you figure? 0 clear-cut chances for them. Their goal was a one-in-a-career screamer.
  7. Porto d bags, hacking like lumberjacks.
  8. Anyone have a count on the number of fouls on Pulisic through 80 minutes? Has to be in double digits.
  9. Are we going to give away a penalty because Kante runs like a fairy with his arms up?
  10. Apart from 10 minutes or so, the half was ours.
  11. Fantastic ball by Kante! Thought the chance had gone after Mount dawdled, but no!
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