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  1. Roberto Martinez calling for a red on Rudiger for his obstruction on De Bruyne. I get wanting to be protective of your national team players, but come on...
  2. Sooooo close. Sublime play from him and Havertz.
  3. Did it occur to anyone else that Ederson's illicit hand saved the goal for Chelsea? Kai's touch was way too heavy - there's no way he was catching up to it without Ederson's help.
  4. Should have been a red card, if not for the goal.
  5. Is the sound delayed for anyone else? So bloody annoying - announcers saying things and the crowd reacting a second before they happen.
  6. Nothing? The celebrations are merited for finishing in the top 4 of the best league in the world, not necessarily for the performance today. My gosh, get some perspective.
  7. All of you folks haranguing Chelsea, saying that we don't deserve top four - what on earth are you talking about? A season is 38 games, not one. Your loss of perspective every game that doesn't go perfectly is baffling.
  8. I honestly don't know what the point of VAR is anymore. If they aren't going to look at that, why look at anything else?
  9. Kepa's T-Rex arms were never going to save that shot. Not saying Mendy would have either, but it was a forgone conclusion watching Kepa dive. Not sure why so many folks are saying Leicester deserved it - they didn't play any better than Chelsea did. They got the breaks today, Chelsea didn't. It will only be a memorable final for the Foxes because of novelty, not because of the quality of play.
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