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  1. Kepa's T-Rex arms were never going to save that shot. Not saying Mendy would have either, but it was a forgone conclusion watching Kepa dive. Not sure why so many folks are saying Leicester deserved it - they didn't play any better than Chelsea did. They got the breaks today, Chelsea didn't. It will only be a memorable final for the Foxes because of novelty, not because of the quality of play.
  2. VAR has nothing to say about the handball in the build up to their goal, but looks at thee millimeters for Chelsea's.
  3. Leicester plays on the ground every minute or two now. They're just running out the clock.
  4. Wait, how is that not a handball in the build-up?
  5. Werner was offsides 3 separate times in that passage of play. How is that possible?
  6. No one is passing the ball around casually. Dear heavens, you folks are a parsimonious lot.
  7. Yeah, because SoG over a 30 minute spell is always the sole measure of performance.
  8. Bunch of drama queens in here today. We've played fine. One bad miss and one bad backpass do not warrant the histrionics.
  9. Anyone who says Chelsea is playing poorly isn't watching the game.
  10. I loved that they showed Werner on the bench right after that Havertz miss .
  11. Never a penalty. No matter the team, the smug looks on players' faces after they con a ref into giving a soft spot kick is one of the most infuriating things about modern football.
  12. As with Porto, Puli is drawing fouls and eating up clock.
  13. Werner and Jorginho giving the ball away like it's their job. Mount looks ready.
  14. Not much creatively from Jorginho going forward, but he wasn't giving the ball away like normal.
  15. Kante fist step towards the ball is so quick. Always loved that about him.
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