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  1. De Ligt has been fine since Sarri really, but to be fair that was partly due to being new to the league. The Pirlo season was just poor from Juve and he was one of the better players. This season he was one of their best players. The thing with De Ligt is also, he is probably better suited to the PL rather than Italy as in Italy he isn't allowed to use as many of his physical gifts as fouls are given more frequently. My only concern with him is his pace, which isn't great. However, I think a year of playing him in a 3 will allow him to bed in. Another thing that needs to be r
  2. A few things: 1) We haven't played well with a back four since 2015. Fell apart in Jose's last season and didn't fare much better after he left, under SFL we were defending like the keystone cops and under Sarri we were also poor which is why he then switch and went ultra Sarri-ball/possession based as we were all over the place defending in the more progressive version. 2) Currently Silva is our best CB. Since he has been here he has primarily played the central role. Yes, the bloke is an absolute Rolls Royce of a player, however asking a 38 year old to play in a back 4 in the lea
  3. Read tha that Tagliafico is reportedly available for €4m. If people had to decide on him or Emerson coming back who would they pick? When we were linked I saw a bit of him and wasn't convinced of him as a LWB1 however as a cheap LWB2 he may be a shout. Anyone seen much of him recently? I haven't seen him play for 18+ months now.
  4. Who was that Hungarian kid that was being spoken about a while ago? Is he a an absolute non-starter or a cheap option that could come in if De Ligt is brought and still be decent?
  5. De Ligt has apprantly told Juve he wants to leave. Will still be difficult as he has two years left, however he is a player we should take a serious look at. I think we have a few players Juve would be interested in, Jorgi and Ziyech. Could potentially package a deal, even if they're done separately (as straight swaps/money+player are rare.)
  6. Not sure about Gnabry. He didn't do much in England before he left to tear it up in Germany. Could easily be another one of those players who do well in Germany and struggle in England. Mane is Lewa's replacement also.
  7. If that is the idea, then I would imagine James is getting shifted to RCB or CM. Can't see us spending £60m on a guy to play second fiddle to James. As for the player himself, I guess it'll come down to what he wants. I agree with your assessment that WB in possession becomes an attacker but the job of tracking back is a tough one. You don't do it properly and you'll soon get a lot of grief on social media.
  8. I like De Ligt, but I think we would need to continue with a 3 for a while to settle him in. I really rate him as I think he has most things in his locker, the only issue is ability against pace, so he is going to require safety behind that can tuck in for him until he becomes acclimatised to the PL. Additionally, I can see a situation where we may be able to include Jorgi in a deal there which may open up a slot in CM which a lot of people seem to want addressed. Maybe doing something like £45-£60m plus Jorgi (I value him at about £25-£30m) would work for everyone. Obviously would depen
  9. Was she ever assumed to be head of scouting or was it that people felt that as the person who had ultimate sign off on transfers, she should've had more understanding of player abilities to then kill them? For me the sporting director should be able to say to the scouting team, actually I have seen Kepa/Lukaku/Baka/Batsh*t etc and they're pony, I am not sh*tting £230m+ with ridiculous wages on those players. I mean, most of us on here said the same prior to signing that they weren't good enough. A SD obviously has to rely on their scouting department to do the leg work, but equally they should
  10. Completely agree. People seem to be forgetting that one of the main reasons the PL is the most viewed league is because of the depth of quality. You start making the smaller clubs take less money, then the competitiveness will go down. Chelsea, Dippers, Utd, City don't have a right to just go and plunder any team they want and hamstring them from competing. I do also agree on the parachute payments. That really needs to be looked at as it distorts competition in the Champo. Exactly how I feel about him. I am very wary of players that only seem to put their best form toget
  11. Personally, I hope we go down the Milan sort of route and get an ex-player in this role: Top picks Drogba Cech JT is unfortunately discounted due to the PR storm he would create. Outsiders: Ballack (probably not here long enough) Paulo (apprantly absolutely delightful to work with and has good people skills) SFL (if he gives up management; cannot see it; difficult if TT is here also) Maka Wise (not sure if he would be liked enough/isn't too tarred by the Newcastle fiasco) Are the type of people I would like to see in this role. People
  12. Honestly apart from the last six months (which were the last of his contract), what has been impressive about Dembele? Off the pitch he and his representatives are also meant to be absolute nightmares to deal with. Personally, I'd take Raphinha's graft and commitment over a flaky talent who has only shown decent/great form whenever he seems to be playing for a move or a new contract.
  13. Just finished listening to the Law podcast. My take aways where this: Granny was the one outside of RA who had most power on signings. She is going and that leaves a but of a hole as agents are probably uncertain who to contact. TB/TT in charge for now, Sporting Director to be appointed in due course. Cech's future is uncertain. Law feels he is too close to the old regime if he had to guess and he will probably go. Transfers Lukaku is all but done, €10m fee plus no wages covered. This also had to be done before all others as he is so costly. Kounde - Likely to be d
  14. Some people are going to absolutely melt down if there aren't players brought in. My opinion is that it is better not to buy anyone if the result is just more Kepa/Lukaku/Bakayoko/Drinkwater type signings. Obviously it isn't ideal, as we do have a lot of holes. However, I am now at the stage where I really cannot be doing with anymore pony signings and would just rather go with youth players if good options aren't possible.
  15. This is what I thought. I have said for years that she must've been the one in charge of final sign off as she clearly had a lot of power and most after RA but people refused to believe it and made out like she was some number crunching bookeeper. Personally, I don't think it was the plan to have Granny leave this early in the process (Buck doesn't really surprise me, as I always suspected TB would step into his role) as we're in the middle of the window and she has obviously been the go to contact but something must've happened/been realised. My suspicion (obviously all this is)
  16. His technical abilities are a far bigger problem than his ego.
  17. Dembele I am with you in having serious concerns. People seem to be getting excited about him because he cost £100m+ when Barca were hitting the crackpipe harder than anyone in history with Barto. Since that transfer he has literally been a disaster barring his last 6 months which to me seemed like someone playing for their new mega contract after spending the previous 4.5 years not training properly, eating badly and reportedly playing PlayStation into the small hours. The only shred of hope I have is that he has some sort of mega bond with TT as I do appreciate when people click, things can
  18. I doubt people, apart from us, were paying £50m last Summer, let alone this Summer.
  19. Nah, we didn't even get that, even those tractors can do more damage than Lukaku.
  20. Can't make my mind up on Sterling. Think this is the type of transfer where the wages and fee will determine whether I am happy or not about it.
  21. We do need another RWB. Last season showed that the way two get the best out of TT's system is to have two flying WB's who overload the box. The problem with this is that you need four players for it as it is a demanding position. A RWB is potentially even more important as James is also capable of playing RCB and if we struggle to get our targets at CB he may be moved there. That said, I agree €40m is too much for him and that there are potentially better options.
  22. So, the people who handle transfers were meant to go out and negotiate transfers with other agents/clubs/players when: A) They didn't know who was going to be the new owner or what the confirmed budget was. B ) Under heavy financial sanctions that forbade any dealings that could've resulted in significant money being moved. C) They didn't even know themselves if they were going to keep their job. D) Couldn't tell the agent/player/club where the money for said player would be coming from. I get people want stuff done but seriously the situation needs to be consider
  23. I think you're underestimating the impact of the sanctions. You're writing about how quickly Man City have got deals done, but those deals, especially Häland would've been months in the making, so yes, they officially signed him early in the window but all the leg work would've been ongoing for months prior; we weren't able to do that and with someone like Koundè it is possible that the new owners wanted to do their own due diligence which is what is taking longer. People need to remember when Roman came in it took him until mid-July to get the first signing through the door as a lot of
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