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  1. There was no such things in top league football it is customary for selling clubs to use a decoy club to raise value of the player. Hakimi is no better than CHO or Reece James, why the hell would we want to pay this price tag. In this case Chelsea was decoy club and Inter will return the favour later.
  2. I think we played very well, but we were unlucky. My two cents worth of assesment: 1) Not sure about Jorginho. I have never liked inconsistent players. On his day he is a great player but 1 out of 5 good games is not good enough. Sell him 2) I truly believe Harvertz will come good next year. He made difference today when he came. 3) Sawp Timo for Haaland plus cash. Not sure if is cut out for Chelsea and EPL 4) Next year will be huge for Mount. He seems to disappear after some time in many games. My fav player I am hoping Tuchel gets the best out of him. 5) Pu
  3. Only positive is how well Gilmour playing. Overall we are by far the better team. Even a draw will be good enough if we can get one.
  4. Completely agree, he is going to be a beast next season. How lucky we are to have Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante and Gilmore next year for double 6
  5. I would take the three points
  6. I think in the second leg we have to start with Pulsic instead of Werner. With Kante, and Kovacic in the middle we can contain them. Return Leg Mendy Azpi Silva Rudiger James. Kante. Kovacic. Chilwell Mount Pulisic Giroud/Abraham/Havertz anyone will do
  7. However we have 2 away goals ......priceless!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Although Ziyech has scored, he is absolutely pathetic. He seems like he is not happy at Chelsea.
  9. Mendy Azpi Thiago Christensen CHO Kante Jorginho Chilwell Mount Pulisic Werner
  10. Mendy James Rudiger Zouma Chilwell Kante Kovacic Mount CHO Werner pulisic
  11. Absolutely pathetic and shite performance. We have been very very lucky with the results in the last few games... 1) Not sure what has happened to Pulisic, Ziyech , Kante - nowhere near their best 2) Despite his good goal recently , Alonso is one of those players who will have one in six good games. He should not start games. Hate those type of players Willian was one of them 3) Without Mount Chelsea is Terrible 4) IMO I thought Lampard's Team played much better, like i said we have been very lucky with results.
  12. For Fuck Sake......STOP USING Wener as a winger... he is m=not one and never will be one Bring on CHO
  13. I honestly think he will come good. Unlike the others Torres,Shivshenko etc he is getting into right positions and creating chances for himself and other. He will come good for sure....
  14. good Score..........but not happy with the performance
  15. I can see a West Ham 2-1 written all over this game...... 1) FFS play Kante where he belongs. I can just see Jorginho giving away a goal 2).Timo Werner is not a winger either play him as CF or Leave him out Very unhappy overall....should have buried this game by now
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