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  1. Mendy Azpi Thiago Christensen CHO Kante Jorginho Chilwell Mount Pulisic Werner
  2. Mendy James Rudiger Zouma Chilwell Kante Kovacic Mount CHO Werner pulisic
  3. Absolutely pathetic and shite performance. We have been very very lucky with the results in the last few games... 1) Not sure what has happened to Pulisic, Ziyech , Kante - nowhere near their best 2) Despite his good goal recently , Alonso is one of those players who will have one in six good games. He should not start games. Hate those type of players Willian was one of them 3) Without Mount Chelsea is Terrible 4) IMO I thought Lampard's Team played much better, like i said we have been very lucky with results.
  4. For Fuck Sake......STOP USING Wener as a winger... he is m=not one and never will be one Bring on CHO
  5. I honestly think he will come good. Unlike the others Torres,Shivshenko etc he is getting into right positions and creating chances for himself and other. He will come good for sure....
  6. good Score..........but not happy with the performance
  7. I can see a West Ham 2-1 written all over this game...... 1) FFS play Kante where he belongs. I can just see Jorginho giving away a goal 2).Timo Werner is not a winger either play him as CF or Leave him out Very unhappy overall....should have buried this game by now
  8. F' Shit............... 1) Timo Werner is never a winger. He just cannot play there, he is a centre forward...full stop 2). Kai Havertz needs a lot more time, just not ready for EPL 3) I thought besides these two teh rest of the team were OK We need help in getting our wingers ready
  9. This is really our B Team. How good are we? Giroud to start
  10. Good result............pathetic performance We really need to let Jorginho go, he is a great player but not for us. What a difference Kante made. Still happy with Werner despite his misses. Needs to work on that Looks like we can field a very strong team on Sunday, please no Kovacic or Jorginho
  11. My take on the: 1). Mendy is the best 2) I dont think we were too bad, its just that the circumstances did not demand too much commitment from us. 3) Get Jorginho out of the team. He just does not fit our style. He is a great player for another team 4) No one stood out today, perhaps Reece James was the MOM 5) We lacked chemistry in the front today. Hope this is fixed for Saturday game. Points in the bag, I dont care
  12. Hope Lampard does not play Jorginho. He will bullied by the Burnley thugs and they will rob the ball from him in very dangerous areas. In my opinion he is a great player but for another league and not EPL Otherwise my team: Mendy Reece Silva Zouma Chillwell Kante Mount Havertz Ziyech Werner Pulisic We need this win badly to stay in top 6
  13. So nice to see good gaol keeping. Please keep Kepa out!
  14. Completely agree with you. Runs around like a headless chicken. No end product
  15. My Take on the game: 1) I am afarid Kovacic just does not do anything for the team. He loses ball often, runs about like a headless chicken. 2) Werner is not going to succeed as a left winger. He is a staring up centre forward and that is his best position. So really its him or Tammy, they cannot be played together. 3) We are still probably 16th or 17th best in defence in EPL. We have a very long way to go. Chilwell and Mendy are a welcome addition,. Just hope Frank gets the back four right and sticks to them rather than changing every game. 4) Our off the ball posit
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