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  1. I like him a lot, he can do everything for a winger and is a massive upgrade on Pedro/Willian
  2. That’s a big myth, having possession requires a massive amount of energy to maintain the ball, not to mention covering 50+ yards of open space in transition
  3. A football pitch is far far bigger than a basketball or tennis court
  4. Mediocre after helping Emerson to pocket Salah?
  5. He impressed every single time he played on his preferred left wing against strong or weak opposition
  6. That’s ridiculous Odoi is easily first team quality, especially since he was more than good enough for Bayern
  7. RJBOfficial


    Yep, Willian with over twice as many CL goals as Hazard is the reason we’re poor in Europe
  8. Great mature response showing your high level of intellect
  9. He’s our best pure defender why should we even consider letting him go?
  10. “The big strong CB is a thing of the past” The 2 best CBs in the world right now (VVD and Koulibaly) are both massive and physically imposing, and it will always be a priority for CBs regardless of era
  11. Carvalho had a ridiculous leap and Puyol played in La Liga, small CBs are an anomaly
  12. His lack of height is far less likely to get exposed at DM and unless he plays in a back 3 I can’t see him being a top level CB in the Premier League. It will always be a weakness for other teams to potentially exploit with target men. Also pace isn’t crucial when he can read the game and anticipate at a high level
  13. But he’s too small to be a top level CB, much better suited at DM
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