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  1. TIRED and/or OLD and/or non confident team Derby comprehensively outplayed us, they are super unlucky to not walk out winners
  2. this is the worst I have seen us play all year. The lack of effort on defence is very worrisome, most of our players are simply being beat to every ball or certainly most. Cahill and Cesc are 100000000% shot, they are slower than most of the Derby players. I refuse to pick MOTM there has been no good player for us, Willian has reverted back to shit even on the LW Kovavcic and RLC (out of position even) are only remotely oki performances
  3. No CHO yet again This is also killing his development. Its madness that other big clubs seem to to get their youngsters at least SOME time and we don't give them a sniff. It also puts our starters at risk of injury and grinds them down further due to massive minutes.
  4. Kante has been basically invisible Everyone rants about how he needs to be on for defence, well I havent seen shit
  5. Its madness, he is burning up our future with POOR player management
  6. Look at who stayed on!!!! Would you be happy?
  7. LUIZ burnt again, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr just when I am so trying to have faith on him, he does this shit
  8. UNREAL Sarri puts on Pedro (who gets injured by a gust of wind) OVER CHO and fucking pulls AC and leaves CAHILL ON!!!!!!!!! I am fucking PISSSSSSED
  9. I dont care if we have to pick up partial wages, but can we PLEASE BIN DONKEYWATER!!! And Baka and Moses and Cahill, FFS!!!!!
  10. Same here. I asked my father on Skype and he said Doug Rougvie's nickname was Thug Rougvie, lolol.
  11. Gus Poyet would be a terror in MF in Sarriball.
  12. Sarri will always go with Luiz. Then, hopefully Ampadu to pair with Rudiger. Cahill will never see a EL or EPL start unless we have catastrophic injuries.
  13. Luiz isnt playing. You mean Cahill out I think.
  14. This my never-ending push for fullbacks and a truly WC CB like de Ligt.
  15. Its a knockout game for a trophy, of course it is important. I want to win EVERY trophy every year
  16. If we cant hold onto arguably our best academy product in the last 15 years, we are so fucked. Did you watch CHO in preseason? Ridiculous to say he may not be all that good. also, how would the club know already he is leaving? He has not put in a transfer request nor a loan request (although loan request may be coming very soon) I repeat, it is a disaster if both CHO and Eden leave, our present and our future out the fucking door.
  17. Ampadu injury is a nightmare on every level
  18. ffs Kepa in game equal us up 1 nil still Willie is SHIT
  19. If we don't give him minutes we WILL leave, and that is a fucking NIGHTMARE, especially if Eden leaves as well. CHO is potentially a Jadon Sancho scenario, and who knows if we can even get a buy back clause inserted (which Shitty supposedly have on Sancho). CHO can leave on a FREE in summer 2020, same as Hazard
  20. HD Streams http://rooney10utd.blogspot.com/p/premier-league-3.html http://rooney10utd.blogspot.com/p/premier-league.html https://www.vipleague.bz/chelsea-vs-derby-county-streaming-link-1 https://www.easysport.tv/games/chelsea-vs-derby-county/
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