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  1. All English clubs finished 1st in groups except us and all will qualify in the QFs except us, embarrassing.
  2. Lol, how nonchalantly some can say these stuff. Not only is our board stinky which will mean we won't spend much on his replacement but his overall skills won't even be half of that of Hazard, coupled with all the many holes we already have in the team, Top 6 for the next 3 years at least for us with such approach.
  3. We need a top class CB and LB to do that, I think.
  4. I need to laugh otherwise I'd be crying but I once said our midfield composed with Barkley, Cesc, Drinkwater, Bakayoko is the worst in the Top 6 by far. Where is that user that was making fun of me saying I'm trolling.
  5. We need to sack him today if we are to still save our season. Looks rather impossible but with Conte we have no chance anymore. Signs he has given up were there in that Arsenal game, should've done it earlier.
  6. Will take quite some time until we get another player of his qualify within our ranks.
  7. Exactly what I wanted to write. We have a decent defense no way we play that bad in defense with Tuchel. At Dortmund he had a joke defense to work with.
  8. One of the worst matches I've ever seen from us.
  9. If we hold for 0-0 until the end it will be most satisfying point ever.
  10. Do Spain even have good strikers anymore?
  11. It's the best for the club, he is 30 years old and has never been starting material in my opinion. If he is happy to come from the bench and make an impact guess would be ok and sell Pedro instead while upgrading on him. Thing is we can command a higher fee for Willian and replace him with someone who may start most of our games . I respect Willian for always trying his best but if we can get a big fee for him and actually replace him with someone like Asensio it's a nothing short of a great deal. Courtois can be Oliver Kahn if he continues to bitch and give those half arsed performances whats
  12. Yes, if it wasn't obvious from the likes I gave to some posters saying we should still sell him in the summer after the Barcelona game I'll say it here. I still think we should sell him in the summer and get as much money as we can for him. His patch of form 1.5 months won't suddenly erase the rest of his Chelsea career with us. Also I hope I'm wrong and he carries us through the Top 4 but I can't see his form lasting much longer.
  13. Nice going Sherlock to go reading those comments after we get a negative result. I'm pretty sure I can find similar for most of the users here after we get a bad result. Looking at some make no sense, Conte has one win and 4 loses to Wenger what do you want me to say genius from Conte? United having so many limited players also true, losing against Barcelona only means I was right about the place we finish, again finishing 1st or 2nd makes no difference because there is no way you win a CL with so many sub par players, but I guess I need to be positive for the sake of it, list goes
  14. Which ain't even true, at least try to show me where I said any of those stuff. The worst I said about Conte is he doesn't seem to care anymore and we should indeed do the sacking, I've also said that only in the last week before that I was always supporting Conte. Calling the club shit? Sure I said we're fucking shit because we are, look at the crap the Board bought in the last 2 summers some of you believe we can turn rock in gold like Moses last year. The problem with some of you is you don't accept reality of things, this club is going sideways and some of you feel the need to call ou
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