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  1. Yeah takes me back to that horrible day, and this one too
  2. One of my biggest bugbears is teams wearing their away kits when there is no colour clash. Surely most fans want to see their team play in their true colours? And two, even as a Chelsea fan, the design is just horrendous.
  3. The problem has to be Frank in terms of the defensive department. While most of our defenders (James and Silva aside) are not good enough, apart from Alonso, they are not that bad as individuals. They are exposed so often, as were Derby under Lampard.
  4. Ah ok. That might be the way they do it. It seems a bit inconsistent if they are the rules though
  5. This was after 4-4 v Ajax (when we had a better head-to-head) and now - It doesn't make sense to me, but I might be missing something:
  6. I assumed we'd still be top of the group even in this scenario. We beat Ajax 1-0 away, but they drew 4-4 with us at The Bridge, and were ahead of us afterwards, even though we had same points after that game. But now, we lost at home to Valencia but drew 2-2 there. If it's down to head-to-heads, surely we'd have been ahead of Ajax, but if it's away goals (like what happened when we went out in 12/13 group stage), surely we'd be ahead of them?
  7. Taking off Loftus-Cheek, who’s been our best player, replacing him with an average midfielder is typical Sarri, and inexcusable. He is like the David Luiz of Managers, he’s always got an inexplicable decision in him...
  8. Though I’m still #SarriOut, that was disgraceful from Kepa in undermining his so publically, and behaving like a petulant child. If Sarri is still there, he has to drop him for Spurs
  9. Proud of the lads, whatever happens from here. This is all we can ask for from players and manager. But fuming with the officials. Let them play on, then consult VAR afterwards! And anyway, why do refs now forget the consensus of giving the benefit of doubt to the attacker?
  10. So CHO is now 4th in the pecking order despite Willian and Pedro being off form for months, and 30+. Zola claims not many 18 year olds get as many chances as him. What do others get then, stadium ban?! Undoubtedly a club legend, but that’s truly a ridiculous remark
  11. ‪Awful team selection. No matter what tonight’s result, the club has to prove to CHO and others in the academy that they do have a chance by sacking Sarri. He says CHO has great potential, but picks two out-of-form 30 year olds week after week - Actions speak louder than words
  12. Was my dream appointment last year, and nothing has changed. His track record speaks for itself (you don't win a hat-trick of UCL's as a manager unless you are a very good one), and his sheer status could attract more world-class players to our club, providing, of course, Marina is willing and capable of going out and getting them.
  13. Don’t know how long it will take, but do feel like this could be the beginning of the end for Sarri. What does he expect when he plays his two best players out of position, and how does he think that he can motivate players if, (like Alonso, Willian and Pedro, they know they will keep getting in the team week after week if they are horribly out of form. And then, how can he motivate young players like Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi must feel like no matter what they do, they will never get a proper chance? Publically criticising the players never seems to end well for managers at The Bridge
  14. Pundits annoy me anywhere, but especially when we’re losing. BT making out we’ve been playing well this half - there’s. A big difference between playing well, and simply having more possession Anyway Absolutely discraseful from Sarri so far. Not starting an 18 year old in favour of two out-of-Form wingers in their 30s, and playing arguably the best player in the league consistently out of position, even though your eyes surely must tell you it doesn’t work. You must get not quite have the striker you want quite yet, but when you do have a competent target man, in Giroud, USE HIM. No shots
  15. Thoughts on this? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/chelsea-ready-up-interest-callum-13560363.amp
  16. Some other media outlets seem to think Enrique is on the brink of being confirmed https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.sport-english.com/en/amp/news/barca/rewind-luis-enrique-close-to-chelsea-move-again-6850188
  17. Going by statistics, the only available manager who’s had some degree of success at every club he’s managed is Ancelotti. Could be an attractive option for potential transfer target, if we combined him with somehow getting top 4 next season. What would you think of him coming, compared to someone like Allegri or Tuchel?
  18. Sounds like Enrique according to the papers. Don’t really know what to think about the managerial situation in general. Just wish that both Conte and the board would change. Similar to the strong feelings of support in there for Tuchel, many Chelsea fans on social media are really against the idea of Luis Enrique being our next manager. It certainly appears that he was lucky to have such a good team lined up for him, but he did come in at a time similar to Pep, in the sense that they had lost their identity, and were going through a bit of a transition. He still had to re-shape Barca’s style o
  19. Thoughts if true? https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/936663/Chelsea-Edin-Dzeko-Agreement-Real-Madrid-Transfer-Plans-News-Rumours-Gossip
  20. Many fans on social media are very excited about the prospect of Tuchel coming. What would you all make of it if he was appointed?
  21. Haven't seen much of him, but his goalscoring record looks insane. For those who have seen him, is he similar to Diego Costa, or does he also have the skill, and pace, similar an Aguero/Suarez?
  22. Seems like a very promising LWB, if we wanted to strengthen that area further in the summer. Should we go for him over Sandro, and would he be an upgrade on Alonso?
  23. https://talksport.com/football/chelsea-fc-transfer-news-ac-milan-shot-stopper-gianluigi-donnarumma-lined-replacement If Courtois leaves, am torn between him and Oblak. Donnarumma could be an incredible, long-term addition, but is Oblak much better in terms of ability now?
  24. https://www.football.london/chelsea-fc/transfer-news/koulibaly-chelsea-transfer-manchester-united-14391105
  25. Whoever the manager is, would members of this forum like us to play 3-4-3, or move to a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 next season? I ruled out 352 because it's so defensive, and I'm torn as to whether to stick with a back three, or change it up. On one hand, a back four would give us more a balance in midfield and on the flanks. On the other, if there is any chance of us keeping Eden Hazard next season (I think he'll go regardless, but just for arguments sake), it might be better to play him in a role where he has more freedom to express himself, without having to worry about tracking back.
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