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  1. Thought putting Ba out there first was the better move instead of Torres. Ba, for all his faults is still a bit of a goal poacher and that's exactly how we scored the winner. Mourinho will get and deserves a lot of credit for putting all of our strikers out there when we absolutely needed a goal.
  2. I can't believe there is another racism row. I almost think that we're making too big a deal of an idiot who did something stupid. Rule #1 when dealing with idiots, ignore them and they'll go away.
  3. I feel like RDM is only being used as a stop gap before the board and Roman are able to bring in the guy they really want. Even if that happens, RDM should be commended for everything he's done. Such a great manager it's now proven and a great representative of Chelsea FC, something we're in desperate need of at the moment.
  4. what a legend. saving us from further embarrassment (for now).
  5. I just love how JT knows where to be at all times.
  6. Disappointed with our lineup. Where is Hazard?
  7. Sturridge is going to get plenty of time this year as a true striker. It's what he wanted all along.
  8. Malouda's work on the left side and his crosses have been very good.
  9. "Carefree" ringing out all over Yankee Stadium. So cool...
  10. Hazard. What a guy. Thank god we got him.
  11. This game will be a good prep for the next one against the MLS all stars, certainly a harder test. MLS players will play with a lot of energy, but they won't be a true team, just a bunch of guys trying to make a play.
  12. That would be correct if we were going on Seattle time. Maybe they just don't realize America has 4 time zones. LOL
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