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  1. No one has an idea of the line-up yet? Really hope Musonda gets his chance...
  2. Batshuayi was awful, obviously, but after watching the game again (hell, it's Sunday) the difference of the whole team between the first and second half was just incredible, but most clear to see in the way the midfield pressed forward instead of just keeping position and letting the opposition come at them. I still have faith in Batshuayi, just had a (horrible) offday!
  3. I'm sorry, but 2 of the 3 goals are the direct result of Luiz not defending properly, if there's one player who deserves criticism for this first half it's him. I really hope Morata makes a difference in the second half, but playing all alone with no support and zero creativity from midfield, I'm really curious.
  4. He was not shit in preseason and is completely alone in a man down situation with awful crosses and almost zero creativity coming from midfield, what do you expect from him? He has high balls played to him while he has a defender in his back at all times and 2 midfielders in front of him, preventing him to decently chest the ball down while Kante is the only one in midfield who's seriously trying to push forward and connect. I'm sure we'll get Morata in the second half, I really hope he can make a difference but if the rest of the team continue to play like this I don't see him performing
  5. Really hope he gets a chance this year, we could do with a little more bravoure and flair and a little less Moses or Willian...
  6. I don't get what's wrong with Belgian players? When did you hear Hazard, De Bruyne. Kompany, Benteke,... say something stupid? Also, Musonda is crazy talented and a young guy so he can dream imho, and I'd rather hear someone saying honestly what he thinks than all those players who say 'this is the club of my heart' with every team they pass... It's José's task (for now) to convince him to stay here...
  7. You are joking, right? He was elected motm after the match against Sunderland, where he scored and gave an assist. In his first three matches with City he scored three times and gave an assist, if that is called 'not creating anything', which creative players do we have? Granted, he played like shit yesterday, but he has shown his class this season and the two before so there's no doubt he'll be fine imo.
  8. Really hoping for a last minute loan deal to Marseille or some other senior team... Ffs, if you are not gonna play him, just loan him out José!
  9. Scored and played a formidable match (again). Hope he goes on loan...
  10. So they're going to buy the most expensive player in both the premier league and Bundesliga and put him on the bench, despite him having played fenomenaly last years, both with Bremen, Wolfsburg and Belgium. And you know this because...?
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n2tBOtrCG-w It starts around 28.25, it's just a few sentences (and in Dutch, sorry! )
  12. Just watched 'Voetbal Inside', the Dutch program formally known as 'Voetbal International', where Johan Boskamp - who now works for Feyenoord as advisor - told that they tried to get Musonda to Feyenoord, but could not get him because he is going to Marseille. Anyone else heard about this? So hoping it's true!
  13. Was fantastic again today. Just on a different level than the others IMO, or am I the only one who sees it that way?
  14. Yeah, they totally figured Hazard out! They found that, if you constantely mark him with 3 or 4 players, Chelsea finds it hard to create any chances.
  15. Hazard really wasn't that bad IMO. Created some great chances (great through balls for Costa e.g.) and at least 5 free kicks. Granted, not his best performance, but compared to some others on the pitch...
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