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  1. Is he being recalled? Is it even possible to recall?
  2. Hope he doesnt. Then he becomes shit because his head isnt right. Man u ends up getting relegated. Just a dream.
  3. Hope he stays. Is he injured or is he "injured"?
  4. excellent post. probably cfc's only regret was not to put the sell on clause.
  5. Would be really nice to see how good he is. Bundesliga back to being a one team league?
  6. truly boggles the mind. Or Ake at least.
  7. Im on the fence with Mr Stones tbh. But, BUT... Robbie Martinez is the new fucking enemy.
  8. Good luck! Do well! Get our money back!
  9. We only have 6 defenders, no? and that's counting ivanovic.
  10. Good inside info tho. Especially if this comes to fruition...
  11. If you guys have twitter, check out Feroze Ali's tweets.
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