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  1. I don't think it was ever going to work out. He's talented, but too limited to ever be a regular starter here.
  2. Cescy


    Don't think either could easily replace Oscar's goal threat, involvement in building attacks and final ball. They would maybe offer something different, but we would be losing some things in return. In games Oscar hasn't played our offensive transition and fluidity in attack haven't been as good, and Costa especially has seemed more isolated. We can win some games without him, as we have without Hazard, Costa and Fabregas in the past.
  3. Cescy


    Thanks for this. Hazard's stat is even higher than I excepted. Should it not be 2 for Oscar though? @0.53 of your video, he plays a through ball to Ivanovic who gives the assist to Costa.
  4. Cescy


    @chelseafc: [email protected] completed 68 passes against Swansea, more than any other player... According to FourFourTwo, the biggest pass combination of the game was Oscar-Hazard. --- I feel like the line is being drawn pretty arbitrarily, regarding this whole 'sloppiness' issue.
  5. Cescy


    I think 5 out of Oscar's 6 goals in the league have been the opening goals of the game. His assists are usually early in the game too. He's more decisive this season. --- Ah yes contribution in the prestigious Club World Cup, Europa and against 3rd division Spanish sides. Even looking at your list Oscar fairs well against some of the best players in the world... Comparison of Oscar, Isco, James, KDB, Gotze, Koke and Muller in their leagues. Quick let's make a £80m bid for James or Muller for their additional 0.04 or 0.03 respective contributions . If we can't get them, let's replace Oscar wi
  6. Cescy


    Our defense let us down today. Oscar's performance wasn't even that bad, but I understand the decision to bring Ramires on, though I don't think he made much of a difference.
  7. Mourinho: 'and I replaced Schurrle with Willian at half-time because Southampton had a low block and Schurrle is more dangerous getting behind people. With such a low block, we needed more a creative guy like Willian than a runner like Schurrle.’ http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2014/12/final-whistle-verdict--doubly-punished.html?
  8. Cescy


    Often? I can only think of his ankle issue before the Everton game. Started at Anfield and Old Trafford.
  9. Cescy


    Maybe some of the criticisms of Willian's performances are unfair, but why not respond to those criticisms directly and have a constructive discussion, instead of trashing one of our other players?
  10. Much better football today than the last few weeks. We dominated them for most of the game, we were solid defensively and the fluidity in our attack was brilliant. This is the kind of football I want us to play away and against bigger sides.
  11. Cescy


    The biggest difference is that Oscar has improved and Willian hasn't.
  12. Cescy


    He played on the right wing against City and Liverpool. I don't think Jose trusts him in the midfield 3 anymore.
  13. He's a useful player, but mainly in games where we're going for a low block and counterattacking style.
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