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  1. Didn't come up, presumably the journo knew better than to ask that.
  2. I remember a pre-recorded interview with JT aired before a big match, the FA Cup final against Pool on itv, unless I'm mistaken, Terry was asked what he'd choose if it came down just to one, the European championship with England or the Champions League with Chelsea. Answer came out quicker than Indie's whip, the CL.
  3. We have been utterly, utterly spoilt as supporters and a football club since the takeover. Back on the way to (re)building a strong, flexible, dynamic squad. Roman's ARMY!
  4. Gazporm footing the energy bill as well ! http://www.gazprom-m...ship-deal-.aspx ".......exclusively supplying gas and power to Chelsea’s training facility at Cobham and the Stamford Bridge Stadium." So that's, (presumably) more expenses saved during matchdays at the Bridge and lighting up Cobhalm with all the shenanigans going around there. One European title and the floodgates open with all the sponsors coming in. Time for Gourlay to really earn his money and parlay the deal by quickly starting work on a new stadium with the energy bill being taken care of. Another tidbit : As part of the ag
  5. Two scenarios here with Hazard playing the game. Two alone. 1. He plays well, really well and goes to show why Fergie, Wenger and just about everyone else in football were singing praises for him for what has been years. 2. He has a not-too-flashy game or a bad one and the whole city of Manchester takes to twitter, talkshite etc to laugh at us for dishing out the dough for him, cue the cliches - 'we dodged that one'..'another Shevchenko' blah. Unless he has a blinder of a game with scoring and/or assisting, I have a feeling the fickle press already has its knives out for him here. Wouldn't sur
  6. Aw shit. Do not like this one bit. Jose as his mentor for a long long time while implementing his own take own progressive modern take on football. This might actually work for Liverpool in a sense if they don't over-burden themselves with lofty expectations of top 4 in a year. Remember seeing Brendon Rodgers on Goals on Sunday not too long ago. Comes across as very likeable, articulate and knowledgeable of the game. Had the best things to say about Chelsea and what stuck with me was when he mentioned Frank Lampard Sr. drops in often at Cobhalm to engage/talk about the game with the youth play
  7. This is absolutely true and they almost immediately put it up on the Portugese Securities and Exchange website no matter what the time in day, when dealing with large sums of money as is the case with these transfers.
  8. Farewell Kalou, will always remember you for the frustrating 2 yard miss from Ashley's pass in the FA Cup final. Same way I would for the away goal against Jose to give us hope. Always blew hot and cold but complained seldom and fought for the cause. Good luck. Also goes to show that if he was told that he's not getting an extension in the past day or so, Ron Gourlay is still getting work done, even though the club has distanced itself from any press lately.
  9. No mere mortal could cup Hulk's balls. Tickle maybe.
  10. Just putting this out to dispel any lingering doubts, after which I'm sure there still will be lingering doubts with the paranoia settling in here with some still thinking Hazard hasn't specifically signed for us. Coming from the most popular/credited English speaking Portugese specific football writer out there. 45] Tom Kundert‏@portugoaldotnet FollowingFor those asking, yes, @OficialHulk is an authentic account. I've checked in person.http://twitpic.com/9qvbij
  11. Certainly can't be Hulks raging har... Ahem.
  12. Robin Bairner @RBairner French football editor for Goal.com International. Robin Bairner ‏@RBairner #Hazard to #Chelsea is all go. @gstobart is all over it for Goal.com #CFC Still a Goal journo though. As a news aggregator website ( albeit with their own editorials) ,they're bound to get more stuff wrong than right as reporting snippets from elsewhere. If there's smoke, there's gotta be a fire somewhere however.
  13. This is Robinho's premature poop , Pastore's nailed on transfer and Harry's odds on next gaffer, rolled into one.
  14. Whatever the case , a significant upgrade from Bosingwa. Should wrap this up quickly if the board are serious about getting him. A few decent performances in the Dutch team during the Euros and his price inevitably shoots up.
  15. Its on the print version only , given how Sunday papers like to sell themeslves . That said , certainly a good source but I'll expect this to drag onto another week till the England-Belgium friendly , until Hazard decides to drag the whole saga yet again .
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